Day 24…

Okay, so…

This weekend was a bit of a blur, as usual! I took the last day of the month off, but it was well worth it—I spent the day jet skiing on a friend’s boat. Awesome experience! It got me thinking; it would be wicked to own one someday, but that’s a goal for the future, ha!

I focused on tennis again toward the end of last week, and although it’s been costly to learn this month, I think I’ve started to see the light in the last few games.

The -£40 was carried over from a previous day, and the -£27 was from taking a risky punt on a match point that didn’t pan out—definitely not the smartest move. After that, I began to find my stride. Patience is key in tennis for long-term success, that’s for sure!

Hopefully, this marks the beginning of consistently profiting from a new sport.

Betfair Trader Challenge Result

The horse racing markets felt pretty thin overall, which isn’t surprising the week after Ascot.

I’ve really enjoyed learning about tennis trading and feel a need to also focus on improving my earnings with horse racing. However, it’s challenging to burn the candle at both ends!

**Month in Summary:**

I started the month with high hopes of achieving my first five-figure month. I still believe it was entirely possible, though as time passed—marred by a few silly mistakes, evenings at the pub, and learning the ropes of tennis trading—I realized it wasn’t going to happen this month. As Anon mentioned in previous posts, I’m already achieving success, and there’s no urgent need to push for extravagant results at this stage.

If I manage to master tennis trading on a larger scale, combined with the big events and racing throughout the year, achieving such high-earning months could become more routine.

Unexpectedly, I took more time off this month than planned, but the rare good weather in the UK felt too precious to miss! Overall, it’s not a bad outcome—it’s more than I would have earned in a couple of months at my previous standard job. However, there’s still plenty of room for improvement!

Days off – 7
Losing days – 2
Half days – 3-5
Profitable days – 21
Total profit – £5978.66

Betfair Trader Challenge Result 2

I’ll likely continue to update from time to time, as it’s been refreshing to blog a bit more again. In future posts, I might share some tips for horse racing and provide updates on my progress with tennis trading. I hope you’ve enjoyed following along this month, even if I didn’t quite meet my own expectations. Comments are welcome!

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10 thoughts on “Day 24…

  1. £6K a month isn’t bad Caan, especially for only 23 days work and your first ft year 🙂 If you look at you’ll see that’s equivalent of a real wage of £120K per year.

    Stick at it and stop thinking greedy, those profits will come. Now’s the time to start thinking about minimising any potential 60% PC3. You’d be surprised just how demotivating the higher PC. Those bands in proportion to lifetime earnings are quite narrow and it probably would take a mistake leap to get yourself into the 5-10% band or even +10% which makes hell of a difference between 40&60%

  2. Awesome Caan!!

    You are my inspiration to improve every day! The best trading blog in the internet and the only one who publish the resume of the month!!!! Total transparency!!


  3. Congrats on the month, thats a pretty decent total even if its not the 10k. I expect you will break this barrier very soon

    One question. Do you think you would have gone FT trading earlier if you had the option. What I mean is that did you find it tough trying to work a job and trade part time. Thats what I am doing now and it is hard to focus the mind at times ?

  4. Hi anon 1, your totally right and trying to reduce my pc threshold should be something I focus on more its just a question of how!! But ill have to have a think for sure.

    Anon 2, thankyou im glad I can be helpful to you and show its possible!

    Anon 3, sure thanks ill have a look!

    Pat, I wouldn’t say I found it hard I would say doing that is a balancing act that is definately possible but it becomes alot lot easier when you understand yourself and your own personal traits more, managing your emotions is important for this!

    Thanks widesmile! Hope things are going better for you now mate 🙂

  5. Well done Caan! Lose. the tennis results and the NH trading and you might have hit the £10k?!. Quick question regarding set-up. For the market overview graph, what timeframe do you set the graph up? I’m currently 4 mins (240 secs) but I’m not sue if this is too short or long….. Any advice?

  6. Yeah, try mybetlog and share screens or quick report from there. Gives much more insight and dynamics of the progress.

    Great results! 😉

  7. Hi Caan.

    Nice result mate!

    Yep the Summer months can be a bit of a conundrum as there are loads of opportunities but these are always going to co-incide with any nice weather that we get and obviously the associated beer time!

    Cheers – Dave.

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