Enjoying The Rewards Of Trading…

The 3 Valleys in January…


Trading the markets can be addictive, particularly if you’re winning.

I think for just about everyone, once you start to make money, it’s pretty hard to leave it alone!

But taking a little ‘you time’ is quite important. I’ve over-looked it in the past, and I’m pretty sure others I talk to do as well.

It’s why we do it…

I found myself using this justification to book the break away. But on reflection, is it?

It’s certainly why I started trading in the first place! I wasn’t quite broke, but it felt like it most of the time… but now I’ve been doing it for some time things have changed.

I enjoy the problem solving more than anything now (some of you are probably thinking wtf). I was talking to someone in the week who has been involved in the markets far longer than I, we chat occasionally and have bounced quite a few ideas back and forth over time. The amusing thing was, we reached a point in our chat where we both started laughing and agreed… we didn’t even care for the money so much, but wanted to know what the missing piece in the puzzle was!

I guess what I’m trying to say is, nobody can know everything about the markets (and you really don’t need to, a small edge can be to get by). But half the enjoyment for me now is working out exactly what’s going on and trying to discover new edges.


If you like your snow holidays, you absolutely need to get yourself to the 3 valleys. It had absolutely everything… and fortunately a lot of snow too.

It was great to have a bit of a blow-out week (while the markets are dead). Being my third snowboarding holiday now I think I’ve improved a lot.

Fortunately I didn’t have any injuries although my buddy did mess his back up for a day or so (see the clip half way through). I couldn’t help but laugh, he’d had a ‘splitter‘ as we’ve termed it. If you’ve ever fallen over on the snow at speed (on to your arse) you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

The Follie Douche was a bit of a highlight too, great atmosphere to get drunk in before rolling back down the slopes!!

Here’s a quick clip from the week!

(you may need to select 1080p for best quality)

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