Evening Racing: Best Opportunity for Part-Time Traders

Extra Trading Hours…

Evening Racing

You’re trading progress is creeping along, it’s on your mind a lot of the time. Particularly as you count down the final minutes clock-watching at work…

But you’ve only got 30 mins trading time once you arrive home, ouch! The end result being; you rush in from work get stuck in and make a mess of things.

This is EXACTLY what use to happen to me. If you’re in that position just now, don’t worry. Everything’s about to change.

Fond Memories…

The image painted in the few lines above is everything I used to do, for quite some time. If you read back through older blogs you’ll see the frustration I faced.

Working a 9-5 job while learning the horse racing markets is pretty frustrating, until the evening racing starts anyway… and if you don’t work 9-5 it’s still some extra trading time.

Doesn’t get me as excited now but it’s where the magic started to happen for me. Partly because it made me realise the mistakes I was making at that point in time by rushing in from work and doing things in a hurry. First thing to remember is slow down! Come August you’ll be fed up of trading into the dark hours anyway.

The key to trading is always to have some kind of structure, and way of centring yourself mentally (so you don’t go off the rails and onto the chase). With all the extra trading time on offer I wouldn’t be surprised if you see a change in results anyway. Relax… The markets do behave a little differently though.

Different Markets?

Newbies are often thrown off by the changes in seasons and racing types, usually because they didn’t see it coming. So here I’ll tell you…

Different situations will always warrant different behaviour. Evening racing is no exception. The way I view it is everything happens quite similarly although it’s a bit more drawn out… you’ll see some evenings with 15 Min gaps between the races too. Look at it in a positive light, you’ve got more time to work out what’s going on.

The markets of a summer evening have always felt that bit more ‘genuine’ to me. I can’t put my finger on it as to why, although could speculate all day long. Some other things are a bit more obvious though – look to the summer evening events where there is a popular act booked at the course. Here’s a little hint… If everyone’s wandering off to watch Tom Jones bang out a sex-bomb things might get frantic in the market late on.

You’re going to see some new horses and some that haven’t run for a while as well with the Flat becoming more interesting, bear that in mind…

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8 thoughts on “Evening Racing: Best Opportunity for Part-Time Traders

  1. Worthwhile and informative thread as always Caan. A previous gambler, you have changed my complete mindset and approach to trading markets. I, for one, am indebted to you for the life changing way you have help me achieve, forever thankful.



  2. What advice do you have for managing the wager pot.Should you keep a fixed some as the bank and withdraw the profits.My problem is that as my pot increases my wagers get bigger.., so as things go wrong the loss is bigger.What is a stop gap strategy is it just a lay bet?Yours blown the bank again . Rudi

    1. Hi Rudi, I’ve done all sorts over the years. I tend to keep the bankroll at the same amount ish… unless its a big event like Cheltenham. I withdraw profits day to day most days.

  3. Hope you enjoyed your birthday break? 30 is a great age! There’s something I’ve been wondering for around a year now … and this’ll be the perfect time to ask you. I’m not aware of which country you have visited Caan. But, can you operate betfair well enough in foreign countries, or European countries, well enough to trade there? Reason I was asking is: I wouldn’t mind taking a LONG holiday/and trade at the same time. Every punters dream huh?

    1. Hi Roy, I didnt trade while away although it did cross my mind doing just what you mention there… Others have in the past. The rules have changed from time to time over the years with different countries. I think some get around the IP problem though with a VPS

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