February – my least favourite month i think….

Hey everyone,

Those from the geekstoy forum readers will know i’ve endulged in a little challenge recently just to keep me on the straight and narrow, feb seems to be pretty poor although just this week a little better… maybe its me too i don’t know? If you want to have a look the post is here.

Anyway the one thing i do know is Cheltenham is just around the corner and i really can’t wait, hopefully it will bare more fruit for me this year although bigger stakes mean bigger losses when it goes wrong too which is always worth bearing in mind.
Yesterday see Cue Card run which was interesting as this always effects the Ante Post odds for cheltenham, i was far too slow off the mark although i should of been aware of the race and ready to pounce on the ante post…. obviously you’ll need a few quid to tie up for a couple weeks possibly if you into this type of thing.

Anyway just a quick update as i will have more time for the blog after the geekstoy forum challenge is over at the end of the month! Just need to keep it on the straight and narrow until then and sit out the poorer markets! until then its best to just sit back and pick your punches wisely….

2 thoughts on “February – my least favourite month i think….

  1. hi Caan
    very good 2/13 results, at this rate of return you would expect a net of comm (20%) £65.5k.
    This assumes an 283 day trading year and taking account of monthly variability and some weather disruption.

    a simple way to add at least 15% for little extra effort is to trade betdaq alongside betfair. You’ll find yourself compromising some betfair profits but this is more than compensated for by the lower comm. charge. It’s another string to your bow which you won’t regret.

    research project for you… John Key’s, New Zealand’s prime minister. A forex trader without peer. No computer screen per se, no technical analysis rubbish, simply a master of game theory and human psychology with a dash of economic theory thrown in.


  2. Hey Quinny,

    Thanks… looks quite appealing thus far, hopefully there will be some progress along the way too 🙂

    Often thinking about Daq, especially with Chelts coming up…. will give it a go.

    Gonna have a little look at John Key’s, sounds right up my street! cheers.

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