Football Betting Strategy For Both Teams To Score

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Both Teams To Score is a very popular football betting market.

You often get more attractive prices and calling the right games can make you a sizable profit.

That’s why I have put together a YouTube video with an easy BTTS strategy to make money with football betting! It details the steps I go through to find value within the markets on a weekly basis.

Check it out:

Key Points:

  • 0:00 – Why Both Teams to Score is a popular betting market
  • 0:52 – Statistical analysis of BTTS
  • 2:16 – Finding the right Football games for BTTS
  • 3:08  – Football statistics on Infogol

Both Teams To Score Tips

Both Teams To Score is one of the hardest bets in football. That’s why we generally see the odds trading around 1.9. Like with every football market, however, there are edges if you do the correct research and have a solid strategy.

If we take that the odds for BTTS are usually in or around 1.9, that’s an implied probability of 52.6%. We need to look for teams who have BTTS higher than this percentage to start, and then after that access if the two teams in question gel together to provide goals. That’s why I’ve shared the two sites in the video above as they provide all the data I need.

Some teams offer a bigger edge than others, for example, Spurs seen both teams score in 66% of their Premier League games in the 2019/2020 season. However, that figure rose to 79% in away games! That’s a big edge relative to the odds available.

My two favourites sites for finding edges are:

They give me all the factors and data I need to provide a detailed analysis of whether BTTS is a value bet or not. I want to see good goal stats, as well as the xG numbers to back it up. If you’re disciplined with your research, it will pay.

Factors That Impact Both Teams To Score

Home and Away fixtures is a huge factor. For example, the top 11 in the Premier League table last season had a strike rate for BTTS at 53% or higher. But when you break this down you can see clearly which teams are more likely to see BTTS at home or away. For an example of this, look at Chelsea last season. Only 37% of their home games had BTTS but 79% of their away games! Why is this? Looking at the way Chelsea play, they had a poor season at the back especially with set-pieces so it makes sense that the mid-table sides could take advantage of that when their home fans make them press forward – even if Chelsea were ahead. Football fans never give up. Chelsea are more likely to keep a clean sheet at home too, as they are more likely to score away to Burnley than Burnley are to score away to them.

Finding value is absolutely key if you’re going to profit when betting on football over the long-term. Because BTTS is such a popular market, there will be a lot of mug money within the market. If you selectively pick the best games that provide you with an edge then you will be on the right track to consistently win. This is where your strategy becomes so important – you don’t want to bet on games just because goals are expected – you want to find the games that have a higher probability of BTTS than the market suggests, and you can only find those games when looking in the right places!

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  1. Watching the racing and markets flip flop there is obviously a great deal of money being staked. The football is a place I bet on having lost (everything!) in horses over forty years having been a track gambler before this crazy internet driven trading that I entered as an early adopter getting stung for the ease of spread betting and laying horses. No discipline and burnt. So is there a key strategy on any strand of football you see as best practice. Asians? -0.0 etc.

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