Football Index Warning Email to Gambling Commission 2020

Regrettably, that day has come for Football Index users.

I will keep this brief as the only reason for this blog is to share some additional information that may help users. In my opinion, the Gambling Commission has let down Football Index users as much as the company.

I feel sorry for those who have suffered a significant financial loss. Please do not act irrationally or take it out on your families.

Warning Email to UKGC:

After a brief telephone call, it was suggested that I send the following email to the investigations team. As I recall, the operator was already aware there may be some problems.

Below is the warning email I sent to the UK Gambling Commission on 11/12/2020. These concerns were quite literally keeping me up at night.

The Gambling Commission acknowledged receipt automatically on 11th December 2020.

A representative emailed me from the Gambling Commission on 6th January 2021 to confirm details.


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9 thoughts on “Football Index Warning Email to Gambling Commission 2020

  1. I see the stick you had for speaking out and the bad book reviews football index guys put on there I hope they take them off after reading this!

  2. I never sent abuse but sorry for the way a lot of users acted before. I appreciate you sharing this and not saying ‘I told you so’.

  3. You have every right to say told you so and rub it in mate they were deserved it after you politely pointed out serious problems!!
    I hope the gambling association step in and make users get their money back or as much as possible that is what they are mandated to do its shocking.

  4. The Racing Post said they wont confirm if there is a football index investigation going on its insane to think it has been allowed.

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