Goodwood, Day Two…

Longer readers will know at the end of last year I treated myself to a new car out of my trading profits prior to knocking the normal job on the head.

Since then it had been fine up until about May, just after I got off holiday. Since then the EGR valve, Alternator and Gearbox have gone and needed replacing! Unbelievable really all well-timed after a holiday and a major service!!

Bad Purchase:

So unfortunately its swallowed a fair bit of cash. Since then I’ve decided I’m onto a loser and want to get rid of it. I guess the question is what’s best to replace it with? A little bit pricey and probably not the most sensible idea although I’m tempted with something like this…

The second day of Goodwood and I’d say it wasn’t all that much different from yesterday. Excluding the races in between were a little better in quality. The big race of the day was pretty fluent which presented some good opportunities that I managed to make a royal mess of but you can’t choose when these things happen all the time!

As I did yesterday I recorded my ‘silly mistakes’ that I didn’t need to make.

This time around it seems I managed to have far less of them and felt better in myself on the whole trading although the second in particular did frustrate me as it really didn’t need to be anywhere near as big at all. I managed to squeeze a quick break in mid trading too which is always advisable. Staring at the screen for a couple of hours really can have an impact on focus. Anyway here’s how it turned out…

Today’s unforced errors…

-18, -94, -37, – 8, -16, 8, -45, -17, -21        Total = 264

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3 thoughts on “Goodwood, Day Two…

  1. Hi Caan,
    Congratulations on your great results.
    May I ask you how big bank, do you use
    for horse race trading.

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