HOT KEYS! How to React Faster

Hot Keys

Spotting a valuable proposition is one thing. But catching the right price and squeezing every penny out of it is another…

Particularly if you haven’t got the same tools as your opponents.

Here’s a snappy look at how you can get a marginal edge over other exchange players – with the use of a simple function inside your Geeks Toy software.

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Why Use Hot Keys?Game pad

When you realise the benefit involved (or disadvantage on the other side) it’s obvious.

Speed of bet placement is often at the heart of several horse racing trading strategies. This is why it’s worth taking the time out to configure your hot key settings.

Personally I use a gaming pad to for the most comfortable and efficient hot key setup.

In the dying seconds before post time, or even as a race goes in-running it has saved me many times…

Who Do Hot Keys Benefit Most?

Heavy hot key users are more likely to be in play traders, where price activity is extremely volatile.

However, pre-race scalping is another place where a few milliseconds can be all the difference. We’ve all been there; when you was on the cusp of cancelling an unmatched bet – to find the price action rip through you almost instantly after.

Here’s a quick visual guide on how to set up your hot keys for faster, more reactive trading:

Much of the time new traders don’t even realise this nifty function is there!

Software Advice and Extra Help:

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  1. Any help on when to cash out a asian handicap football bet eg Newport +3.5 vs Man City it was 0-0 at halftime and if I cashed out I would’ve gave a lot of profit away although I nearly had a heart attack watching it any help/ideas greatly appreciated cheers

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