How SportsBooks Make BILLIONS Using Your Data

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In 2019, Bet365 generated more than 2.9 billion pounds in revenue.

All these fast-growing profits are becoming a problem because the corporate owners are cutting their own throats for short-term benefits.

While you can make money from bookies, most of the time, they walk away smiling with your money.

How then do these bookies make so much money? That is what we will talk about in this post.

In the meantime, you can watch this video that reveals so much about how they make billions from users.

How Do Bookmakers Make So Much Money?

These companies are killing themselves just to make so much money.

Bookies make their money in different ways. The first step is to draw you in via advertising or potentially free bets when you sign up. For these bookies, this is the key. They offer you a free service which might at first look altruistic. However, on closer inspection, they are actually using your data to rip you off.

From the second that you sign up, they start to profile you. How? They do this by looking at things like what you bet on, your age, demographics, where you live, how much you make, how much you deposit, the prices you take, and other things. They then build profit margins into the prices that they offer.

Bookmakers offer poor prices compared to what you’d get from betting exchanges. One thing they do is pay you a percentage of your stake and keep the rest for themselves.

Another way they make money off you is by using fractional odds. These make the process more confusing to you and prevent you from seeing the actual value that they are offering you.

Using the information earlier collected, they’ll know if you are just fooling around and placing bets or if you are a shrewd person.

All these look like simple parts of the business. But there is a hidden part:

  • Big data
  • Account profiling
  • Artificial intelligence

These are the three things that they use to make so much money in a short period.

How exactly do they use these three things? Watch the video above and it’ll soon become clear!

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