How To Make Money Betting On Football 2023

Matthew Benham and Tony Bloom are two examples of men that have made millions betting on football. Making so much money betting in the Asian handicap market that they were able to purchase their boyhood football clubs.

Other successful names in the football betting industry are Psychoff and Paulo Rebelo. Two football traders that have made millions of pounds in profit trading football on Betfair.

These four men show us that making money from trading/betting on football is very possible.

However, these four men are not complete outliers. Personally, I know multiple people that are able to make a decent living from betting on football.

Making between £50,000 – £150,000 a year.

Whilst this might not enable you to buy your local football club. It is certainly enough to sustain a decent living whilst watching the “beautiful game” for a living.

In today’s article let’s take a look at some simple approaches you can use to start making money betting on football in 2023!

Value Betting:

First up we will take a look at straight-up value betting.

One way to use this strategy is by taking advantage of slow-moving bookmakers who don’t adjust their betting odds quick enough. Betfred for example are a bookmaker that can be slow to adjust and their shops have the same odds as online.

Making them an option for those that are limited or banned online.

If Betfred is offering odds that are greater than the Betfair exchange lay odds then that is an indication of value.

I have found their mid week odds on lower leagues English football to be a good source of value bets!

Reacting to live information.

Another simple edge you can get in the football betting markets is by reacting quickly to new information.

For example, you are watching a midweek game between Liverpool and Arsenal, during the game Salah gets hit with a bad tackle and you can see him indicating he needs to come off.

At the weekend Liverpool is away at Everton and currently priced at 1.8 on Betfair and slightly lower odds at various bookmakers. Without Salah, Liverpool’s chances of winning the following game decrease.

This means that the odds on Liverpool will drift. In turn, this means that Everton’s odds will shorten along with the draw.

If you are quick to react to this information, you could lay Liverpool on the exchanges for their following game against Everton. Along with backing Everton at any bookmakers that are slow to react to this new information entering the market.

Over the course of a season, you will get multiple opportunities to use this strategy!

Bookmaker Promotions

Another way to get value betting on football is through bookmaker promotions.

  • Accumulator Boosts
  • 2up Promotion
  • Player Prop Boosts

If you are looking for simple ways to make money from the football betting markets. Bookmaker promotional boosts should be your bread and butter. They are by far the easiest way to make money when starting out.

There are often times when bookmakers boost selections above their true price.

In yesterday’s Champions League final. Bet365 boosted Erling Haaland to have one shot on target to odds of 2.0. On Betfair this was trading at odds of 1.38.

This is a massive difference with Bet365 odds offering a 50% whilst the true probability was closer to 72%. Consistently backing these promotional boosts when they offer value is a very easy way to make money betting on football.

2UP Promotion

The 2up promotion from Bet365 is an offer that pays out your bet as a winner if your team goes 2 goals up at any time.

There’s a full guide to exploiting 2up’s here.

There are a few ways to approach this offer.

Zero risk – Look for back odds on Bet365 that are the same as lay odds on the betting exchanges. Profit when a team goes 2 goals up but does not win.

Low risk – Look for back odds on Bet365 that are close to the same lay odds the betting exchanges. Lock in a small loss pre-match for the chance of a big win.

Medium risk – Place straight back bets on Bet365 when odds are close to the betting exchanges. Knowing that the 2up gives you additional value over the long term and creates a value bet.

How To Make Money Betting On Football In 2023

In this article, we have noted some very simple strategies to start making money betting on football. If you want to push on and start making a decent second income or full-time income. We would suggest looking at football trading on Betfair.

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