Guest Post: In Running Trading Tool that Works!

in running trading tool

Have you tried Inform Racing’s In-Running Trading Tool?

As one of the more popular tools on the market, you probably have. However, for those that haven’t, this article is likely to be of interest.

The guys who created the in-running trading tool have kindly made a guest contribution to the blog. Below shares a unique insight into their tool, how it can help you out and where to find it!


The In Running Trading Tool

When you are trading horses in running, knowing which ones will or will not trade at a lower price, is the absolute key to your success.

Our in-running trading tool takes all of the past in running stats and running styles for every horse running in the UK and Ireland. It then calculates price and tick drops, displaying them in a useable format, highlighting the very best opportunities to increase your chance of making a profit.

To see the tool for yourself, click here now.

Success In Running:

Whether you are a back to lay trader, backing horses and laying them off as their price shortens, or placing the opposite trades for smaller profits but on a large number of races each day, you need to know just how a horse is likely to run.

In running tool b2l

Just guessing or having a rough idea, won’t cut it when trading in running. Unlike backing horses to win, one or two small mistakes will clear out any profits you may have steadily built up over a number of weeks, in a matter of minutes.

Whilst it is globally accepted that betting with a disciplined mindset is the number one key to success, having the best information at hand must come a very close second.

If you have this information in a simple to use and clearly outlined format, then you increase your chance of seeing ‘green’ numbers all over your screen.

The Main Benefits: Running Styles

How a horse runs, will identify whether a horse will be a good or bad trading opportunity.

You could research each horse and investigate the in running comments. However, for every horse and every race, this would take you far more time than you actually have and would, in all honesty, be unreasonable.

The in running trading tool, however, takes those in running comments for every run and turns them into a simple to understand figure. This allows you to see just how a horse has run before.

A number 1, means a horse led at the start of the race and a 2 means it ran just behind the leaders or was prominent. These two running styles will be what you will be looking for if you are placing back to lay trade on a front runner, as their prices are likely to drop during the first part of the race.

After this you have the numbers 3 and 4, which highlight horses that ran in midfield (3) and those that were held up at the back or started slowly (4). These will be horses to look for if you want to lay a slow starter, as their price is likely to increase during the first part of the race.

In running tool keyform

Not only does every horse have a run style figure for each race it has run, but you also have an average run style figure for each horse. You can see at a glance, just how each horse in a race is likely to run and then compare these with each other to get a complete picture of the pace of the race itself.

Tick Drops

Ticks are different price increments used on Betfair charts or ladders. Knowing if a horse is going to drop a few or none at all, will increase your confidence in your selections.

These days people are using an offset number of ticks or setting their betting bots to either back to lay or lay to back a certain number of ticks. The greater the number of ticks that can be traded, the more profit will be made.

If you know that a horse has dropped in price by at least 50 ticks in all of it’s last ten races, there’s additional confidence it will happen again. Potentially turning a profit.

Not only are the number of ticks dropped shown for every run, but there is also an average tick drop for each horse so again you can compare each runner in a race and then combine the tick drops with the run style figures, to make an informed decision.

All of this can be done just by looking at the main race card, even before the possible need to delve into the full form guide a little further, which you can of course do for each runner on the day.

Having this information at hand in a simple to view format saves hours of form research and highlights opportunity quickly.

Other Key Features:

Settings – Multiple setting choices allow you to pick what race types/horses you want to see. Choose the number of past races for each horse to take all calculations from, plus change the calculation settings for all of the data on the racecards. You simply cannot do this anywhere else.

Calculation – Calculate the number of ticks between your chosen back and lay prices, see what percentage of the back price your lay price will be as well as how much profit you will make for whatever your initial stake or number of ticks.

B2L & L2B tabs – Settings panel for each. Extremely simple to use.

In Running Comments – confirm your thoughts on each horse for any run by seeing the in running comments in full for every run. You can also use these comments to see how a horse finished its races to aid you even further.

DOB Tab – Highlighting those horse that have dobbed the most previously.

in running tool settings

Short In Running Tab – This highlights horses that often run to a low in running price without winning. Horses here are also good back to lay opportunities.

Full-Form Guides – Drill down a little deeper and see what the conditions were for each runner when they have previously dropped a long way in running.

Complete In Running Prices – All the in running high and low prices, along with BSP, SP and BSP Place.

Export Data – Export to Excel the full day’s meetings, races, horses and form or just those that you select, you can then manipulate the data further.

Note – all new additions are included at no extra cost.

See the features for yourself by clicking here!

Successful Strategies

The default settings on both the back to lay and lay to back tabs automatically give you the best trades. Play around with these settings to suit your own style, or to find more or less bets on the day.

If you’re just getting started, most traders prefer to focus on dobbing and backing to lay…

in running trading tool select

In Summary:

In running markets are extremely inefficient at times. With the right information, trading them can be extremely lucrative. This is why we’ve worked so hard on putting this tool together in a clear and understandable manner. We aim to give you, the end-users, everything you’d possibly need (and more). Check it out here now!

Guide to In Running Trading Tool:

See a newly updated video guide walking your around all of this tools features below!

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14 thoughts on “Guest Post: In Running Trading Tool that Works!

  1. I like the prospect of this Caan but how often does the information in the tool update? is it daily? hourly? etc

  2. Great article. Great software too I think Dean Betting Guy also has some software like this still nothing can convince me to actually trade horses in play.

    Good luck with your software I hope you have great success

  3. I think you will find that Dean copied this product from the start Paul. There is a free 7 day trial before payment on this, so you could give it a go and see if you get anything from it. Certainly other ways to use the info provided if trading in running is not your thing.

  4. Came across Ian and his software a few years back. He’s a straight up guy who always answers your questions. The reason I stopped using his software was I wasn’t making any money but back then I didn’t even appreciate the difference between a handicap sprint and a novice hurdle. I’d completely forgot about Ian, so now that I’m a video course user I will definitely be giving it another go.

  5. Hello Caan
    Great article.
    I cant seem to find any info in the video course about the Laying The Field strategy or on your You Tube channel, is there any info I’ve missed somewhere or dont you like this strategy??
    Many Thanks

  6. Hello, I appreciate the information a very informative article.
    I am wondering if the software is still supported, I have emailed them a few times with some questions have yet to receive any replies.

    1. Have seen someone say this before but they always respond to me? When I forward them on they’re responded to also! Are you using the contact page on their site? I’m sure they got lots of spam and people asking crazy questions about things that aren’t relevant (we get that too). If it’s a support query and you’re struggling forward it on and we’ll give them a nudge too. It’s a decent bit of kit.

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