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“Incredible how things change when you change your point of view…today I had my best day ever, just having the right mentality, let things run, enter when I feel that’s right, getting out when I see ok I’m wrong but always controlling losses (3 in all), and when I stop feeling that “vibe”(a lil bit extra confident/excited) I stopped, even having more races.. Its everything about how you feel, at the right point(having some skills course), I could be wrong but today I really feel it..and when things gone wrong I wasn’t upset, sometimes I laugh for being stupid and don’t doing wait I thought Funny that’s all begin with my changing mentality yesterday…and a Shower today before trading, what I think that could be what I call a “MY state of mind trigger”, if it was, I’m gonna take showers everyday haha Thanks for all, without your information probably I wasn’t on this level.” – Julianno Carlos


Updates have been infrequent just lately. Sorry about that! I’m Well and truly back into the swing of things just now….

The last 7 days has meant a bit of a backlog in mail and messages. The quote above though was received via the Facebook Page.

It’s always really nice to receive messages like this! Julianno has been in touch from time to time over the last couple of months. I could see when I first heard from him he appeared to have the know-how and understanding of certain situations. Although he was just struggling to transform it into green figures on a regular basis. It was much the same for me all that time ago, and then bang, it all changes. Despite not actually changing how he trades much.

Self control is huge in this game.

I wanted to post Julianno’s comment as he said something I found very interesting; and believe to be quite a good idea myself.

The idea of knowing your own ‘triggers’.


I posted about it around this time last year after a snowboarding holiday, check it out! – Be HappyI’ve probably mentioned some others over time without thinking about it.

I think it’s natural for people to come into trading the markets with the idea it is a strictly analytical affair. Which is of course very important (understanding the markets). But as you develop on the way you begin to realise that accepting you’re a human and prone to the odd impulsive urge (even when you don’t let it take hold of your actions) is completely normal. Having an few ‘triggers’ you can deploy to put you back into a better state of mind is a real asset.

It would be interesting to hear if any of you have similar things that you believe put you in the right state for trading….

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  1. Any comments on Betfair’s supposed DDOS attack this week Monday 13th April 2015 or was it problems with the API again?



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