Looking forward to York!

Afternoon all, its been a bit dry for me trading wise over the last week or so mainly due to the fact i haven’t been able to trade when i usually would of due to other commitments and picking up a new car, still i cant moan as its trading that’s allowed me to get the money together over the last month or so to pay for it… so here’s what i opted for…

I needed a new car after a recent dink and am thoroughly happy with it so far, just hope nothing goes wrong with it as i’ve never spent so much on one thing in one go in my life before!


So its york this week coming and i’ve got a few days off for it so hopefully i can do ok, from what i remember of it in recent years its not as big as some of the other major meetings on offer but still better than average days trade. Im positive i should be able to maintain recent results at least which will be more than enough to keep me happy… im trying not to be too hopeful as i remember from recent years i have with this meeting and its not been as good as i hoped, expectations can be lethal at times in my experience. Generally if i remember it rightly over the York period prices were fairly static throughout.

As usual when i get the chance ill post up and say what i thoughts different to before if anything, if goodwood was anything to go by it might just be less liquidity but hopefully it won’t be a case of that!

Keep it green for now!

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