Looking forward to York!

Afternoon everyone, it’s been somewhat dry for me in terms of trading over the last week or so. This is mainly because I haven’t been able to trade during my usual times due to other commitments, including picking up a new car. Nonetheless, I can’t complain since it’s the trading that has enabled me to gather the funds over the past month or so to afford it. So, here’s what I opted for…

After a recent minor accident, I needed a new car and am thoroughly happy with my choice so far. I just hope nothing goes wrong with it, as I’ve never spent so much on a single purchase in my life!


Looking ahead, it’s York this coming week, and I’ve taken a few days off for it, hoping to perform well. From what I recall in recent years, York isn’t as big as some of the other major meetings but still offers better-than-average trading opportunities. I’m optimistic about maintaining recent results at least, which will more than suffice to keep me satisfied. I’m trying not to set my hopes too high, as past experiences with this meeting haven’t always met my expectations. Expectations can sometimes be a double-edged sword in my experience. If I remember correctly, during the York meetings, prices were fairly stable throughout.

As usual, when I get the chance, I’ll post updates and share any insights or differences I’ve noticed, if any. If Goodwood is anything to go by, there might just be less liquidity, but hopefully, that won’t be the case this time around.

Let’s keep it green for now!

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