Do Martingale Betting Systems Work?

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When the average person talks about betting, martingale betting systems are the most popular.

It’s the most popular system because it’s easy to understand, and it sells itself as never losing. The reality is very different, however, and that’s why most professional bettors don’t like it.

In one of my latest YouTube videos, I looked at how martingale works, the maths behind it and the bankroll you need to get started. Check it out below:

The quick links to the video are:

  • 0:00 How Martingale betting systems work
  • 0:48 Martingale strategy in the roulette with an example
  • 1:20 Maths behind martingale staking systems
  • 2:48 Bankroll needed for martingale
  • 3:44 Why martingale doesn’t work in roulette
  • 5:10 How casino’s deal with Martingale betting systems

How Martingale Betting Systems Work

How martingale systems work is pretty easy to understand. Basically, you double your bet after you lose to win back your stake. For example, if you put £10 on red in roulette, and it lost, your next bet would be £20 – if that lost, the next bet would be £40 and so on.

Martingale is sold on the promise that eventually you win back a winner and finish in profit, but the reality is the average bankroll will never be big enough to withstand a losing run. The stakes get high very, very quickly.

Let’s assume you’re betting on roulette, and you back ten losers in a row, your bets would be as follows:

  • £10
  • £20
  • £40
  • £80
  • £160
  • £320
  • £640
  • £1,280
  • £2,560
  • £5,120

So, your bankroll would have to be £10,230 to win back your original tenner. It’s crazy, isn’t it?

You might say that it’s very unlikely that you will be ten losers in a row when something is 50/50. You’re right, it is unlikely – however, firstly it’s not 50/50 for a start because of the green zero in roulette and secondly, it will happen eventually. It might take a while, but the probability is it will happen at some time.

Can You Use Martingale In A Casino?

The answer to this question is pretty damning when you think about how casinos and bookmakers deal with winners. Casinos are more than happy to welcome people who use martingale. Why? Because they know they will win eventually. That says it all about how good the martingale system is. Casinos know that eventually, over time, you will hit those ten or more losers in a row and run out of bankroll to keep going. Martingale only works when your bankroll is unlimited, which in reality only applies to a small number of people.

As we know, bookmakers ban winners every day of the week. Casinos will kick out card counters for example, but they are all happy to take your bets when you employ martingale.

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