Betfair Outage: Lay Betting on Betfair Exposed

We had yet another Betfair outage this week. It’s not good enough to hide behind the terms and conditions when Betfair Exchange goes down. It’s that simple.

As traders, we need better service. Betfair’s Exchange went down on Thursday and Betfair Users started getting the message when trying to place lay bets “Error In Order.”

The way the Betfair Customer Service desk dealt with this was shocking, as I explain in my latest YouTube video:

What Betfair Should Do After An Outage

Throughout my trading career over the years, I’ve experienced Betfair site outages a lot more times than I’d like! Usually, when the site goes down or starts showing signs that it could, I just down tools for the day. There’s no point taking an unnecessary risk when trading. Waiting for two hours for it to come down and then going down again is just so frustrating.

The problem with that though is nobody knows when the site crashes – it just happens – and we can all get stuck in the market. I saw on Twitter after that some customers were getting £20 back as a goodwill gesture. For me, that simply isn’t good enough.

In my opinion, Betfair should void all live bets when the site goes down, or we get messages like this. I would settle matched bets from a certain point – perhaps ten minutes before the outage and then live traders are covered.

I fully respect that there will be a lot on the other side of this who won’t like that either. The reality is there isn’t an easy fix either way – someone will end up annoyed at the situation. I just feel the fairest option is to void bets – this idea that you can have a bet in the market, the site isn’t responding for you, someone can take that, and it gets settled is totally wrong.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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