Matched Betting Pro: A Game Changer To Avoid Gubbing?

matched betting pro

Matched Betting Pro is a new innovative feature designed to help matched bettors make money.

If you’ve ever felt the pain of having a bookmakers account gubbed or stake restricted, it’s well worth reading this post in full. Combining services like OddsMonkey‘s matcher and BetConnect‘s MBP is the quickest and most efficient way of making matched betting pay.

How Matched Betting Pro is Increasing Profits:

The process of matched betting is simple, doing it productively, consistently and efficiently can leave it feeling like hard work. Especially when the bookies gub you!

This is where Matched Betting Pro conveniently comes in…

This new tool is designed to help you avoid qualifying losses completely, lock in your lay odds before placing the back bet (to ensure a good match) and slip under the bookies radar when it comes to restrictions.

Why? Because using MBP on the BetConnect platform allows you to get a 100% match between back and lay odds.

BetConnect’s exchange platform offers lay bets in line with the bookies, so your sportsbook accounts aren’t likely to get noticed for matching at traditional exchange prices. Furthermore, the lock-odds feature gives you a full minute to place the back bet at the same odds.

Take a look at it below:

You can see on the left, we have the ability to lock in the existing odds whilst placing the sportsbook bet. On the right, a 1-minute timer starts to count down after the button is clicked.

matched betting pro

If the price changes on the sportsbook, you just let it time out. If not, you’ve bagged yourself a quality match and evaded restrictions.

Better still, you can get 0% commission on lay bets when you open an account with BetConnect here.

Matched Betting Pro is the best matched betting tool we’ve seen as you can use this tool over and over again, not just in the qualification phase but in the final leg of cashing out!

Over the long-term, this tool allows users to save thousands in efficiency and keep their sportsbook accounts going. It’s a win-win.

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3 thoughts on “Matched Betting Pro: A Game Changer To Avoid Gubbing?

  1. Shhhh I want all the lay bets that come at 0% qualifying. Haha just joking Caan you’re a good man sharing this I have been doing exactly as you say and it’s been heluva profitable!

  2. Would you recommend matched betting pro or trading with someone who can’t do much during the day….

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