How to Reduce Qualifying Losses to ZERO in Matched Betting

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Qualifying losses chip away at matched betting profits, particularly if you’re not spending hours to find efficient matches.

But I get it, what’s the point in spending 30 minutes to save £3?

Time is money as the saying goes…

But there’s a better, more efficient way of matched betting – as explained in this article.

The Matched Betting Qualification Problem:

If you’ve services like OddsMonkey you’ll know there are always new free bet offers to appear (particularly with events like the World Cup).

Converting them into tax-free cash is far from rocket science, although the consistent drain of qualifying losses soon builds up. A couple of quid here and there might not seem like a big issue, but looking at your record a year later will reinforce my point – qualifying losses cost matched bettors thousands.

So let’s look at the best solution out there with an example.

How to Qualify Without Losses (Example):

Take this somewhat easy-to-complete signup offer with Betfair sportsbook.

Step 1 (10 minutes total time)

Step 2 (10 minutes total time)

  • Sign up for BetConnect’s exchange
  • Deposit your matched betting float to cover the £10 bets liability
  • Head over to their current sports odds in a separate tab

Step 3 (5 minutes total time)

  • Click the ‘lay side’ button on BetConnect and pick a bet to lay at the sportsbook odds
  • Freeze the lay odds with BetConnects matched betting pro feature*
  • Place the back bet with Betfair Sportsbook in one tab and the opposing lay bet on BetConnect

Congratulations, you just qualified for the £30 free bet bonus without losing anything on qualification. It’s that simple!

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