Monday madness on Betfair!….

So today typically one of the days of the week I like to take off as liquidity can be down in comparison to the rest of the week although at this part of the year it’s generally good every day for pre-race trading.

Today though I had to pop online to answer a mountain of emails that had accumulated over the weekend while I had my son and take a call I’d been waiting for! In between answering mail and browsing online like you do I noticed Radwanska was playing – and more importantly had gone a break down early on despite being a heavy favourite starting at 1.21!

On the face of that alone it suggests a possible trading opportunity, on further inspection it appeared to be a classic case of Radwanska starting slow. I haven’t had a huge amount of tennis trading experience as I suggest in last weeks post when I traded the mens french open final although last year I recall Radwanska doing this on several occasions only to come back and win. That in mind along with her playing what I considered quite well I entered! (morning off out the window although it’s something I’ve become more interested in of late)

It panned out pretty well and as I suggested before after the opportunity had passed I managed to sit on my hands long enough not to get burnt through temptation! Check out them graphs!!

Shortly after I had a browse to find any cheeky back to lay opportunities standing out amongst the rest only to find a runner Cameroony in the 4.45 presenting a strong chance (one of the Video Pack subscribers actually highlighted this to me on twitter) along with Wild Desert running again later in the day (still yet to run as I write this).

Pre-race I incurred a loss on another runner mainly through impatience as the race went off nearly ten minutes late although im glad I waited! a monster moved followed with an SP of 4.5 hitting 2.8 in a matter of seconds….. definitely one to follow for the future!

Hence the title – a bit of a crazy Monday seeing initially I only booted up to check some email’s (if you’ve been expecting a reply from me you should have it now!)

3 thoughts on “Monday madness on Betfair!….

  1. Inspirational Caan. I noticed that one myself after seeing the videos, just lacking in confidence as i didn’t put my money where my mouth was!!


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