Trading personalities – Ascot on Betfair

So this week is one of the highest liquidity weeks you’re likely to experience throughout the trading calendar as far as horse racing goes. For most new starters these kind of weeks are a bit of a shock due to the different behaviour in the markets and its understandable, after all we don’t get too many chances throughout the year to practice in these conditions.

Several readers have contacted me saying they’ve found it frustrating already which im sure many more can relate too!

Over the space of the week conditions improve in my experience, by this I mean turnover in the final live shows increases meaning there is more opportunity to get more stakes as well as larger stakes filled in the market – chances are though if you’re looking for a swing in price you could be waiting some time! Scalping generally works best.

Of course not everyone will find this harder than usual to deal with, as the title suggests it’s no secret that your personality is likely to be suited to a particular style. Personally I think im a bit of an all-rounder, although im fully aware plenty prefer to stick to one method of the other. If you’re generally better at talking longer swings in price its best to ride Ascot out (no pun intended!).

Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses and trading styles is key to longer term success as it’s not just about winning but avoiding the losses too!

I have seen a very good YouTube clip previously about trading personalities a long time ago although I can’t seem to find it again despite searching for some time. While looking I came across this in its place…

6 thoughts on “Trading personalities – Ascot on Betfair

  1. Never thought i’d say it, but i’d rather be trading Uttoxeter than Ascot. Can there be such a thing as too much money in the markets at Ascot?

    1. Yes if its not proportionate to the fill rate the meeting brings – it does seem there is huge amounts of unmatched money sat about! but still there is opportunity

  2. Found ascot pretty tricky so far Caan. Just getting into all this though so its still a bit new to me thanks for the post the video clip looks interesting!

  3. You can get bigger swings on the larger odds during Ascot. But the front running angle has been very useful too. Steeler was my best trade of the week so far but Belgian Bill was a traders delight. Opened around 30s, backed into 9s before the off and hit around 3.5 in-running!

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