My Addiction

I make no secret about it, I tend to have a bit of an addictive personality… 

When I see something I like or want to achieve, I go all in. I attribute a fair amount of my trading success towards it.

…I have no idea how many people are still reading from the first blog in 2011 if any. But for those who aren’t, I must have made just about every mistake possible on the way. It didn’t deter me, I forged on.

Instant Addiction:

As much as my head-strong approach worked, I’ve often ‘learnt in blood’ the hard way. One of the biggest lessons has been; find the shortest path, plan ahead and continually tweak efficiency. This leads me on to my latest learning strategy… Audible.

Learning (for most) is the most boring thing in the world, depending on the topic anyway.

At school, I was the worst. I rarely went to all the classes, when I did I was bored senseless (maybe not Maths) and never really finished anything. Keeping focused has always been a problem. It wasn’t until I become desperate to improve my life I started to read more, and even it was a struggle at first.

This may also be down to the fact I was crap at reading.

Anyway, once I started to see the benefits of reading and learning more I kind of got into it. But still, it’s a slog to sit down and read for hours on end. How Warren Buffet does it every day I have no idea.

But as of last month (I have no idea why it took me so long to try this), there is an awesome solution. I am 100% hooked, I just know it’s going to elevate me to the next level.

Since starting a couple of weeks ago I’ve already done 4 books and one of them was 11 hours long. That may sound insane, but with travel time, exercise and the occasional bedtime listen it’s proved easy. I rarely say things like this but; I can’t recommend it enough.

I probably should add though, I’ve swapped out a couple of naff titles after listening to a chapter or two. Could have been worse though, only half an hour or so wasted each time.

If you haven’t used it, you can see the details of this new found addiction here (and get a free book).

If you’re after a few suggestions (that will help your trading) there’s a few classics in this separate blog. recommended books blog 

What I’ve Listened to Recently:

It’s a bit of a mix, and not all are trading related but a few interesting ones I’ve listened to recently are;

Thinking Fast and Slow is a classic, and a must-read if you’re looking to trade in my opinion. I’ve read it in the past, but it was worth hearing out once more.

Next on the list is Flash Boys, recently recommended to me on Twitter. In fact, it’s been recommended to me many times over by quite a few different people – just one of those I never got around to. From the bits I’ve heard, I’d guess it’s similar to court-siding for financial markets…. but I’m yet to find out for sure. If the reviews are accurate, it’ll be a good one.

The only downside to audiobooks is sometimes I find myself switching off a little, meaning I have to jump back a minute or so. Hardly a gripe when I think about it though. The biggest being I didn’t find this method of ingestion earlier…

What Do You Suggest Next?

The only downside with this newfound addiction is the speed at which I’ve consumed some of these titles. I shouldn’t complain as it’s the best thing about using audio books. But several time’s I’ve found myself scanning the web for another good title…

Hopefully, some of you guys can help me out below! What’s the best book you’ve read/listened to? 

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10 thoughts on “MY ADDICTION:

  1. Hi Can
    I read your blogs dated back to 2011. How long you were doing horse trading before you wrote your first blog in 2011? Thanks and thanks for sharing your experience in your blogs.

    1. Hi Terezia, I had started plenty before the first blog. Although it was sporadic at points, some trading, some time not. I do believe I first got going with software around 2009…. but I didn’t record everything back then. Didnt see any need to!

    1. I think this was one of the very first books I came across Steve. At the time I liked it a lot, although looking back I’m not sure if it was ‘effective’ in terms of development. Certainly worth a look though as is some stuff in it to be learnt – particularly if you are coming from a certain background like I did 🙂

  2. Slightly out of context Caan, but I messaged on FB and I was asked to post on the blog hah!

    I bought your guide in October 2016 but when i try login to the website it doesnt seem to work. I also cant reset my password – just looking to download the PDF and access the update (following your email) any idea how I can fix this?

  3. Will try some of the ones you’ve mentioned. I recommend some of the books by Rob Moore – Life Leverage is very good.

  4. I also am addicted to reading but it is your old blog posted, but you can nolonger access them via my user profile. When you try to use the archive you just go round in a circle, please can you sort this out l am starting to get the shakes.
    Thanks for all the information in the video pack, until l can stop myself going in play on training mode, l will not be risking any real money.

  5. I’m really enjoying listening to Caroline Myss, Advanced Energy Anatomy. It sounds a bit woo woo. Going into the law of attraction and stuff but then it is mainly on personality archetypes and goes into ways we self sabotage

  6. Napoleon Hill.
    Think and grow rich. wrote in the 30’s I think. listened to it on audio in 2014 when I was painting a house. flew through the work,felt energised!
    drags a bit here and there but unbelievable wisdom in that one. would recommend.

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