My Trading Rituals… and Fuel!

There’s much talk of routine and rituals when attempting to trade the markets successfully, at the moment this seems to work best for me…

Having a healthy state of mind and being relaxed is important, but not so relaxed you’re not focused of course.

It all seems a bit superstitious to me (and I completely don’t beleive in anything like that) but there does seem to be a link between certain things I do and my results as they improve.

Pear Kopparberg April

Kopparberg… it’s where it’s all at!

For me a cheeky Kopparberg seems to get me in the right frame of mind, my fridge is fully stocked!

Some of the other full-timers I’ve spoken to think it’s sheer lunacy, but it works for me. Everyone needs to focus and some need to work on that, where as I think I just need calming down half the time. One or two of these mid session go down quite nicely. Also it’s one of the things that make this the number one job for me! Where else could you do it and not be in trouble? Sometimes the little victories count the most haha.

With the summer weather on its way I’m really going to have to convince myself to sit in and trade the evening cards. I fully realise it’s an opportunity I shouldn’t miss, but if you don’t enjoy the fruits of your labour what’s the point? A little balance is in order im sure.

Come the end of the summer things could end up like this…. no joke

Trading Freedom


On the serious side of things though, trading drunk is a bad idea. Don’t do it! (I had to put the obligatory disclaimer in didn’t I) 

Trading relaxed with one of your favourite beverages helps in my opinion, like today, a fairly average yet consistent day….
One Day Trading

I may have cut it close today though, as I write this post the alchol is kicking in a little more… Fortunately I won’t be dirtying my clean-sheet now with the days card over!
Now… to the pub!

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5 thoughts on “My Trading Rituals… and Fuel!

  1. hmmmm,, a little french stubby cold beer mid-session has often done the same for me, to take the edge off things — > but then re-read that and consider! The first few swigs have actually helped – but by the end of even a tiny beer I’ve been hindered, with mistakes that can only be attributed to the alcohol. Literally, took >the edge< off me! Each to their own of course, but I'd suggest pouring a small glass to calm the nerves if that works, and save most of the bottle for afters. That mid-session stubby has too many times been my undoing, with nice consistent results blown away in one trade close to the end of a session... Always prefer a good cuppa T now, as it doesn't introduce any new risks, whereas with alco, always a chance yr brain can doubt itself when the pressure moments come. Just my 0.2p, yr P/L always speaks of far more success than mine anyway, so its all relative to each individual and no-one knows yu better than you. I chimed with a recent post you made about going out for a run and then steaming thru the markets when yu got back tho.. Dr Andrew Menaker (a favourite trading psychologist of mine) always suggests to do something physical & get the blood moving. Check Popdoc Trader / Resources. He's just done a new webinar on TraderKingdom but I ain't heard it yet.... As yu always say, execution is everything 😉 All the best, always refreshing in itself to read yr bloG 🙂

  2. What a way to make a living eh Caan? Sitting there with the sun streaming in, drinking a chilled Koppy and making £300+ per day …. not a bad life eh? Dave.

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