Thinking outside the box…

Afternoon everyone,

Looks like a bit of a dreary wednesday afternoon today which is a bit of a shame with Newcastle cancelled and only two cards left, just trying to fill the gaps up with household chores at the moment…. always a little big of a grind when its like this but im sure it’ll be worth it come the end of the day. Motivation always seems to take a little dip for me after a really bit meeting, although it was the right thing to do given last weeks circumstances i can’t help but think i should of tried to get more done as the opportunities clearly aren’t about on days like today!

Anyway, thought i’d share a little interesting angle with you as i was thinking earlier and it’s something i often do before trading…

I don’t know about you but although i trade the horses every day i actually know next to nothing, i know alot about the markets but pretty little about the racing. There are some things i have picked up on along the way and i’ve probably watched a few thousand races so have an idea of whats going well when running-ish anyway but my knowledge is limited.
It really dosen’t matter though, as long as you can read anyway! heres a link i like to look at briefly before i start each day, Hugh Taylor…. a pretty good tipster, sometimes his tips will make them market shift a little depending on whats said but he has a far better idea of whats goin on than me so i’ll let him do the work…. Hugh Taylor selections

I like reading his view on things as usually (not every day) he gives a view on what he thinks is strong in the market and will even quite frequently say ‘if theirs money for x runner’ i’d consider it a sign etc. Anyway, it turns out more often than not what he says is pretty true in the markets near to post time. I’ll usually do slightly better in these races so sometimes i’ll even go as far as hedging up in-running.

Anyway if ATR is useful for anything this is it as personally i can’t really stand what they say on the channel! haha.

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