No Fear – The emotional game…

That's me, jumping off the rock at Waimea Bay.

This week I’ve had a couple of emails of the same kind… it left me thinking in the markets just today actually. Fear, mindset, mentality… whatever you want to call it. It rears its ugly head again and again in the world of Betfair trading. The markets are pretty frantic at times, and if you’re not desensitized to it or don’t have a lot of confidence for whatever reason. Lack of understanding, being new or even worse – what you just read on a forum. You’re on to a bit of a loser before you start.

Before you do anything you have to believe it can be done, without that you’re finished. It’s all to easy to externalise how your feeling and say things like ‘the markets have changed’ or ‘its not possible anymore’. The reality of the situation is; as long as there is turnover and movement in the markets there is opportunity. They may well not be as big as previous… its impossible to say for certain, because often as one door closes another opens and in the world of Betting markets and all the numbers jumping around matching against each other you just cant say for certain there is less opportunity. Most of the time it’s just different.

The markets this week have felt thinner than I previously remember although it appears there hasn’t been a significant drop on volume from last year. Just yesterday Excellent George ran again, which was interesting as again there was seemingly solid support for the horse. While it was supported though the market fluctuated rather frantically, its just them kinds of movements that cast fear and doubt into your mind. That’s tough enough to deal with, let alone listening to others negativity towards trading.

It’s said that 95% of people who attempt trading in general fail. But to my mind that doesn’t mean they couldn’t do it, failure only exists as soon as one stops trying! What it does men though, is there is far more people out there to tell you it can’t be done.

I myself can get into a negative slump at times, if that happens its best just to have a break to start off with… I heard an old African proverb recently – “if there is no enemy within, then the enemy outside can do you no harm” Worth a thought.

You probably gathered but im feeling extremely positive today. For that reason alone its likely performance will be better if previous experience is to go off…

If you find yourself feeling in a bit of a slump watching something like the clip below is likely to be more helpful than listening to the doubters, it can be done – and on small stakes too!

6 thoughts on “No Fear – The emotional game…

  1. Hi Caan
    Any chance you could do a blog post regarding gathering and using data or article such as todays pointers, I’m still fairly new to this and am looking at things to try and gain my edge, but I still feel very limited to this game by coming into it no knowing the slightest bit about racing

  2. Re ; todays pointers ,most of it is common sense, I don’t understand about tongue straps, first time blinkers, cheek pieces not to sure about switching stables either

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