Reading And Trading Betfair


Trading Betfair and Reading…. lots

As a kid I used to absolutely detest reading. In fact I didn’t like anything language related (as you can probably tell from my writing at times).

When it came to reading I literally couldn’t think of anything worse, i’d avoid it like the plague.

It’s taken me a number of years to warm toward reading that bit more. Over the last couple of years I’ve actually read more than ever, and intend to carry on. Possibly reading even more (particularly when trading Betfair).

Everyone’s different but I’ve often been a bit lazy in this area. However, just lately I’ve got a real taste for it. Reading is the best way to absorb the endless information out there and, the only way to perform better and think smarter is to know more. So I’ve tried to apply it to the markets just this last week… the results are really quite positive. It certainly means far fewer mistakes just by way of adding confidence. Especially to pre-conceived knowledge about a market before it gets going. I don’t necessarily mean form study. But more a case of understanding each situation uniquely.

One of the things I’ve always done pretty well with is front-runners. Looking at it now, it’s because I have a system that flags up ‘possible’ keen going types as I sometimes post on Twitter/Facebook and from there its a case of looking that bit deeper.

Looking Ahead:

When I start to get stuck into a particular runner, in any race. That, has a good chance of being gifted a lead. It just encourages me to look a bit more. Occasionally I spend some time looking at the makeup of a race and its start to find I’m not sure. In which case its best left alone, although those situations when you dig deeper and it becomes a more and more appealing opportunity it can get pretty exciting.

Today Beyondtemptation ran in the 4.40 at Sedgefield which was starting to look like one of those instances this morning. The start of the race was beginning to look a little edgy. Because of this I dropped some of my stake (others were looking pretty keen). Having started at 7.0 in the live show it hit as low as 1.5 in-running! That’s pretty huge and I must admit. I was out at around 4.5 with the horse leading pretty much the whole race and fading in the final stages. One to keep an eye on in the future for sure. The important thing to remember though is it’s not just the selected horse but the makeup of the race around it. Taking half hour to read though the cards, previous runs etc in the morning certainly pays for itself when you catch a move like that. Even on a small stake.

I’m going to start incorporating more time to research and read through information in my morning routine as until now I’ve always been a bit lazy with it. Much like the last post it’s just something else to take time reading through before hand.

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