Outplayed Pro Review: New Matched Betting Tools Worth Using?

Recently, Outplayed Pro introduced a selection of newly improved matched betting tools.

I’ve taken an in-depth look and put together this review to answer the question; are they any good?

As advanced bettors, I know many of you guys will have exhausted the initial matched betting offers. However, as the name suggests, Outplayed PRO is taking things one step further. The following tools have been developed for use without free bets.

How is Outplayed Pro Different?

Outplayed, formerly Profit Accumulator is a matched betting service that many of you will no doubt be familiar with. Outplayed Pro is their premier level of membership, designed specifically for individuals aiming to earn over £1,000 per month from matched betting.

outplayed pro logo matched betting site

Pro membership level includes access to all of the benefits of Platinum and Diamond membership plans, plus a developing suite of advanced tools. Two of these tools are of particular interest, I’ve taken a fair amount of time checking them out as explained later in this Outplayed Pro review.

Previous matched betting tools have paved the way for Outplayed Pro so there’s no doubt these tools are already capable of unlocking thousands of pounds in value. However, enhanced efficiency means bigger returns for less effort.

So the question is; how much more can you earn with Outplayed Pro’s new features?

Let’s find out…

Extra Place Master: Are Results Better?

Exploiting extra places in horse racing isn’t new. It’s a great way to achieve a large win from a single price match (without needing a free bet).

However, there’s a problem – the likelihood of a horse placing varies in each race.

Despite losing their race, some horses place regularly. Recreational punters often complain about it!

In the past, profitable extra-place bets were assessed based on implied odds (IO column shown below).

As an illustration, using this method of measurement means that if your implied odds were 20, you would need to hit the extra place at least once in every 20 tries to break even on your extra-place matched bet…

However, this approach didn’t consider the actual likelihood of a horse finishing in the extra place position. From one horse to another the chance of this happening varies.

The innovation of the extra place master lies in its capability to accurately simulate the true probability of a horse achieving an extra place finish. The tool’s algorithm evaluates race participants to deliver a more precise prediction of the horse’s chances of securing that extra place.

Take a look at the extra place percentages (EP Chance) below:

EP Chance – The % chance of your horse finishing in the extra place. For example, in the above screenshot, the bookie is paying 4 places whilst the exchange is 3 places. It’s calculated that Beannaigh Do has a 9% of finishing in 4th place.

By assigning a figure to the EP Chance, the extra place master helps us identify the most useful opportunities with the highest expected values (EV).

EV% – In simple terms, this is a percentage rating of the value of this bet. For example, a 111.6% EV on Beannaigh Do means that if we were to stake £100 in total (£50 Each Way) then we would expect to generate £11.60 from this bet on average.

Previous matched betting tools are not as effective without this information so this additional leverage allows for larger, more consistent profits (plus a massive time saving on wasted efforts).

I’ve tested the EP Chance percentages over a fair sample and it’s pretty accurate. All horse racing results carry a hefty amount of variance so it’s important to remember these percentages are just that – they’re not guaranteeing results. 

An important variable to mention is the modes in which the tool is used:

  • Full Lay – For laying the Win and the Place part of the bet. You will be in profit if your horse finishes in the extra place.
  • Part Lay – For laying the Win part of the bet but not the Place. You will be in profit if your horse places.
  • No Lay – For laying nothing. You will have a large profit if your horse wins and often be in profit if your horse places, although you may lose.

Which mode you use depends on your appetite for varying results and or if there is sufficient betting exchange liquidity available. Over the long term, all three modes provide a betting advantage. However, there may be some instances where there isn’t enough money on the exchange to place your lay. In this case, no-lay or part-lay modes are the only option.

In terms of maximum profit, I’d always advise using the no-lay mode. Numerically, it’s more profitable because you haven’t got the exchange spread or commission to factor in and there’s far less chance of making a mistake when placing the counter-bet. However, you MUST be prepared for far higher variance in results when betting like this (you’ll need a bigger bankroll too).

If you’re easily spooked, it might be best to stick with full and part lay modes.

Outplayed say the estimated value of this tool is around £2,500 per year. I think that’s fair when you consider the wider user base although in truth, as with all matched betting, you get out what you put in. For those who are dedicated, systematic and focused it would be a lot higher.

Gauging the exact value of the tool is tricky because – how do you measure the value of time you didn’t waste?

There are more details about the extra place master via the Outplayed website here.

2Up Master: More Profit in Less Time?

Pro-matched bettors are well aware that 2up offers represent the pinnacle of football betting offers, with many relying solely on these for their profits.

Surprisingly, I’m not aware of a tool available that precisely calculates the expected value of these bets. Until now it’s just been pre-game matchers and in-play hedging calculators.

Putting a mathematical value on the entire 2up is massive.

Much like the EP master above – knowing which games to focus on and which games to avoid, based on maths, dramatically increases the bottom line. This is what the new 2up master is all about…

outplayed 2up master matches

Full Turnaround Percentages and Expected 2Up Values:

As seen above, the FTA% shows the expected likelihood of a full turnaround. It’s the percentage chance that the selected team will go 2up and then go on to LOSE the match. As you might expect, the percentage chance is low, although as experienced matched bettors will know – payouts are massive if this happens.

The FTA% is also a crucial component in calculating an effective expected value for the selection. Simply put, the EV% is the average value return expressed as a percentage. For example, if we were to stake £100 on our 2up match between Notts County and Crawley Town above, then on average we would expect to see a £107.30 return.

So this proprietary tool allows the user to set filters and accurately determine the probability of a 2up payout, long before kickoff.

By incorporating a variety of factors such as home/away advantages, favourite/underdog dynamics, scoreline data and more the tools algorithm gives an insight into which bets are most likely to return the best profits.

Previously there had been much debate about which 2up bets were the best to go for – extremely high or low odds and minor leagues were all popular answers. The reality, of course, couldn’t be so arbitrary. Value and probability fluctuate depending on a multitude of factors.

This new development is profound when you consider the scale of returns for the 2up offers (up to £2,500 with some bookies and unlimited with others). A small shift in effectiveness for short-term results drastically changes the bottom line over an extended period.

It’s not just the profits though, much like the extra place master above – we don’t waste time on poor quality offers using this tool.

Price Boost Pro:

Price Boost Pro is an exclusive software for pro subscribers, designed to simplify the process of managing price boost offers.

The new feature aims to enhance the visibility, accessibility, and tracking of price boosts, prompting alerting users to every opportunity as they materialise. This is important as prices move quickly and and the price boost is what provides the positive expected value (profit) for this betting technique.

Outplayed states that in October 2023, tracked price boosts amounted to over £830 in guaranteed profit (calculated based on £15 stakes). The new feature aims to ensure that all pro users get access to this value in real-time before the situation changes.

It’s an innovative concept that adds more value to the subscription. Typically price boosts offer up to 10% on the original price so for those who make good use of it, it’s a profitable tool.

The only downside to using price boosts with your betting strategy is the limited amount on offer. In recent years, bookmakers like Bet365 have limited the offering.

My Verdict: Outplayed Pro’s Matched Betting Tools

When I first came across these new tools I was sceptical, matched betting has been promoted relentlessly over the last decade. When it first appeared users were making thousands from extremely generous sign-up offers. Since then, bookies have responded in various ways. For those who seek a quick buck, it can be frustrating after the initial £800 in sign-ups are complete.

However, this is quite an innovative move from Outplayed. Instead of just re-packaging previous concepts they have significantly improved the efficiency of these tools providing real value.

On the whole, I can see these tools helping their customers save time and earn more from their matched betting. The tools are positioned in a beginner-friendly way without over-complicate things so anyone can take advantage although I suspect the most value is for the committed. As with any endeavour, earnings correlate with the level of effort put in.

Outplayed Pro was released as an annual package, priced at £495 for the year. From December onward the price increases to £95 per month or £995 per year. To some of the matched betting community this may seem pretty expensive, but when you break it down, is it?

Pro includes access to all welcome offers, casino offers, reloads, bet clubs, extra places, 2ups, refunds, calculators, community and support as well as the newly improved master tools. Paying the full price for the entire year works out at £2.70 per day (less than a decent coffee). The time it saves and the additional profit it brings is certainly more than that…

So it worth it? I’d say so YES!

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