Its been a bit of a mixed week just passed, it seems my life at the moment has an unlimited supply of agro in many different forms. After last weeks end i was on a bit of a high having had a decent friday thanks to the mad stakes punter and a half decent saturday.. from there i had my son for a few days which was exhausting but nice and good to get away from the trading.
Having come back today it highlighted once again how i need to get other things in order to trade at times… it happens again and again yet i still struggle with it, sometimes i dont think theirs alot i can do about it which is rather worrying. If your successful how do you deal with such issues id be keen to know?! .. for example today i got up and went out to find my car had been keyed badly because of where i had parked, a long standing problem between neighbours apparently although i wouldnt know as ive only been here a short time.. have a good idea who it was but cant prove it, further more my insurance excess means the cars going to be staying looking like a sack of s***, first bad start to the day… then i get preped and start trading all good and im in check, think i managed a clean sheet for the first 16 or so races just plodding along but the totals were small but consistent, then the ex mrs starts being an arsehole. Low and behold i manage to put myself in the red just about for the day on the last couple of evening races… absolute madness, back to plodding along again tomorrow i guess.

Havent done it for a little while but tonight i had a look through the cards and stats to see if i can identify some back to lays in running, here’s what i come up with:

All 50% price reduction or bust moves from BSP

4.05 – Den Machine  *** – DOBed
8.00 – Narra Datta  ** – DOBed
8.15 – Flurry of hands  **** – Only 25% Reduction
9.15 – Key breeze  * (ask for a bigger price IR than SP) – DOBed

*Result of Selections*

4 thoughts on “Plodding

  1. sorry to hear about your car dude,.. one thing a man should understand “do not mess with another man’s ve-hi-cle!”… same thing happened to me, parking rows with neighbours built up over the years, i came out one morning to find 11 key scratches and someone put a knife through my soft-top. Not good for the mindset, so my advice is: stay on track with the other things in your life, cos when trading goes wrong (as it has done horribly for me this week), it’s all those peculiar little thoughts usually stored in the back of your mind that get the focus, and not the trading. I start thinking things like “why is everything against me?” and my confidence just goes.

    Am having real problems at the moment — i trade US races every evening and have made nice, moderate profits, much the same as you were in Feb/March,… but somehow managed to blow nearly £200 my entire bank & savings on Tuesday evening on the back of a run, where no matter how much money I made over several hours, I would always fall foul of myself and blow the lot in one or two trades at the end of a really good session. “Frustration” doesn’t even come close to the way I’m feeling. Desperation is more accurate, but that’s not the way i want to feel about my trading when 98% of it is good quality, well timed moves.. but for some reason, every time i Have money in the bank, I blow it! I started tonight the same place you are in: plodding along, but managed to blow my last £15 on the 3rd race. US racing is a little different, but the one thing you have to do is close before the Off — I know this rule and yet I can’t bloody keep to it!! Still stuck trying to turn a loss into a green as the race starts and BAM! I have to sit and wait like a petrified gambler for the race ~ not why i got into this. I prefer to trade, and manage my risk not gamble…. anyways, sorry for the long post – i tried to post last week when you were up against it, but it kept crashing. Just wanted to say — go back to doing what you KNOW works, and just do that. The moment you get tempted to “rake back” the big losses you’ve suffered, is when it goes to sh*T. Your blog has been massively inspiring since I started reading in March and I’ve taken a lot out of what you’ve shared,.. so I’m about to start my own bloG as I’ve been keeping a journal — but could do with some advice from others meself! SO, GooD LucK m8, you will find your form once again, but i think you’ve hit the nail aquare on the head: trading only really works for you when the rest of your life doesn’t interfeaR with your mindset…

    All the best!

  2. btw: all good selections, only Flurry of Hands didn’t reach 50%, only a 25% redux. Den Machine went 10’s into 1.56! What criteria do you use to make your IR picks…>?< I've spotted that most favourites tend to hit 1.8-2.2 win or lose, so thinking of trying to back at SP and pre-hedge about 2.1, but most selections I think will reduce usually don't [as is my luck!]

  3. Thanks for the comments Ron, its nice to hear in a way im not the only one that has some foul luck at times lol. The dobbing selections im going to look into more as i never recorded it properly but my picks generally are quite good. I just go off the patternform moneyform and timeform site cards.. takes a little while sometimes but if i can get a system going it could be worth it 🙂

  4. Hey Caan,

    Just to let you know, I follow your blog most weeks and find it very informative and interesting. I think you’re very brave to document your trading history as you do, although think you made the right choice in accepting the job. Being a full time trader is touch. I was trading a lot of my spare time and I had a blog myself, but recently that’s on hold as I attempt to find myself a new job. In the future it may start again. We shall see.

    I m also sorry to hear about your car. People can be such twats sometimes.

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