The flame reignites!

Hellloo readers, well after alot of thinking over past progress this week i have come to the conclusion its time to take a step back a bit, deflate my ego and start doing what i know works without any uncalculated crazyness… plodding as i said in my last post. Friday i got myself in a bit of a pickle and lost just over a ton in one race due to being silly, this was the straw that broke the camels back for me…. it made me think back to how i was recording some results when it started to go well for me, reason being i was recording my lone biggest loss of the day which highlighted how silly it seemed in relation to the days profits which quite possibly had an effect on my actions.

So saturday was a decent day and sunday shown below highlights just how good it feels to be back on the right path! even if it wasnt a jaw dropping result. This if i remember correctly is how it all starts to come together nicely, and i feel it could be coming my way soon..

2 thoughts on “The flame reignites!

  1. YeaY! Good for you Caan, and good results! It was seeing exactly these P&L’s from you that recalibrated my aims and helped me understand that small profits r possible and will soon add up to your £1-1.5k every month 🙂 hats off to your hard work and unknockable self-belief ~ keep going mate…………. oM!

  2. Thanks alot Ron, it means alot… today it continued… i love this bit where it all starts to add uup and come together nicely. All to do with managing risk really, today my biggest win was 12 quid but still managed a ton… on a monday! not done that for a bit woop

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