Possible to top last Aprils results?….

April is here!! Evening racing will be starting soon and general liquidity and trading conditions will be picking up! It feels like its been an age waiting for this moment to be honest, recent markets have been rather bleak to say the least… but its all about to change!

So the fun begins, last year i noticed a positive change in results half way though April, hopefully this year will be the same with the main difference being the change in my skill set having improved, while I’d be happy with the same as last year it’s always good to see an improvement. If i remember correctly it was about the second week in April where things started to get ‘easier’ so im sure it wont be long before it does once more.

It’s important to remember though as things pick up it’s because the conditions are improving – it’s just as easy to become dislodged in September – October time that its possible but to just calm down as they will decrease, in the mean time make the most of it!!

So …. can i beat last years April? Who knows!… hope so!



5 thoughts on “Possible to top last Aprils results?….

  1. Hi caan,

    Good blog btw enjoyed reading it!

    Couple questions:

    How much are staking on trades?

    Which is best software to use for trading?

    How many hours per day do you trade? And is it only pre-race trading?


    1. Hi Jamie,

      The first and last of those questions are variable although staking i usually start at £100 minimum. Hours wise its vaires aswell, i try to do as little as possible but with the more racing on offer now i’ll do maybe 5 hours a day, at the begining of the year it was more like 3. Software wise i use AGT Pro – IMO by far the best for what i do (Pre Race only with the occasional small back to lay)


  2. Great blog Caan!

    How early before the race start do you take position?
    Do you most scalp for some tick at a time or do you go for bigger swings? Maby both 🙂


    // Patrik

  3. No reason you cant always improve! half the reason i think betfair and having betting strategies appeals so much

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