Hey all, its been a while since i stopped the blog as it takes up alot of time and it felt i was saying much the same sort of things!… its inevitable really isn’t it after a while.

Anyhow my trading has changed and evolved somewhat over the last few months so i thought i’d restart the blog for a little while, how long i don’t really know. Posts won’t be every day although ill try and keep them fairly regular, weekly more than likely.

I’ve enjoyed a bit of a shift in my behaviours and application to the markets lately which has seen some rather drastic changes in my results so hopefully i can share a few of my thoughts and inspire some of those who are on the trail behind me!

The markets have changed alot lately it would seem with a few people’s opinions value greatly saying similar things….. anyway i’ll save that for another post!

Its good to be back, as ever it will be interesting to hear the readers opinions on our multi-layered problem! if your trading for now, be patient and keep smashing up those markets!

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