Saturday Afternoon, Trading Part-Time…..

Many people try to boost their income by trading outside of working hours. One of the toughest obstacles is often getting home early enough to catch the races during the week. After receiving an email about this, I thought I’d share my thoughts on the topic.

Saturday Trading…

Saturday afternoons can be challenging to navigate. The markets behave differently due to the increased liquidity, which, while offering a higher chance of turning over your bank and potentially making more money, can become more difficult as you reach higher stakes.

Once you start making significant money on Saturdays, it might feel like you’re missing out during the rest of the week. However, until you reach that point, don’t worry! It’s quite feasible to generate a considerable side income from just Saturday afternoons alone, not to mention the excellent evening racing currently available.

A reader recently asked in an email, “Is it possible to make, say, £50 on a Saturday each week from a £600 bank?” My response is that it’s very possible, and in some cases, you might even make much more!

This week, I have plans but made sure to keep the Channel 4 TV racing slot free for a couple of hours. These two hours will likely be the most liquid you’ll experience all week. While not everyone is at the same stage, consistently dedicating time every Saturday could potentially add up to £1,116.72 a month as a side income. It’s definitely attainable, though not everyone will be at this stage yet.



I as asked recently – “Is it worth watching ‘The Morning Line’ on a Saturday morning for potential moves?”

Personally, I don’t follow this practice anymore, although I did try it in my early stages. It’s possible to catch onto some early gambles, and ‘The Morning Line’ can be helpful for that. However, I wouldn’t rely solely on it or use large stakes. The insights on price-wise horses, for example, can sometimes be misleading. Often, these tips are only valuable before they’re publicly released; bookies are aware that these horses will attract bets regardless, so they tend to offer less favourable odds after the fact.

Today’s Trading:

Today’s racing was okay for a typical Saturday, though it didn’t feel as lively as usual—possibly because it’s the week before Goodwood. I might have made a few silly errors along the way. Sometimes, punters prefer to save their bets for more significant events like next week, which could explain the subdued atmosphere. Overall, after speaking with a few others, it seems the markets weren’t particularly impressive this week. I really should start keeping statistics on these trends in anticipation of next year!

Big Brother Update…

Following my previous post, Hazel is now trading between 70 and 90 in the Big Brother win market. I expected her odds to have shortened more by now, but it’s still a reasonable time to adjust my next stake and place a hedge bet at a slightly lower price.

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