Betting on BIG BROTHER Reality TV

Betting on Big Brother

If you’re betting or trading bets on Big Brother, the reality TV show, this entry is likely to be an eye-opener.

Why? Because the ordinary punter rarely realises what happens in a betting market. Big Brother and reality TV shows offer a good opportunity to understand the reasons behind pricing and making money through bets.

Interested? Read on…

BIG BROTHER Betting & Trading…

I’ve had a lot of time off lately, although its peak season for trading bets. I think it’s important to take time out to make sure I enjoy the sun!

Big Brother trading isn’t exactly my specialist subject. I don’t usually like it because it can get confusing as they add and remove contestants mid-series. In terms of betting this is a nightmare as it messes with the percentages of probability.

Unless you find a way of exploiting such situations, it’s extremely tricky to play. One mad change to the Big Brother lineup can throw your trading position in the air. I suspect people close to the set have an advantage in this area.

I know of some people sat around on the 24hour coverage channels waiting to tear into a betting market before it changes with the bookmaker or betting exchange. Similar to courtsiding.

Eviction Betting Rules:

The rules depend largely on where you bet. If using a bookmaker such as Ladbrokes or Bet365 the rules will be drastically different from a betting exchange like Betfair or Betdaq. This is because of the way markets are structured.

On a betting exchange, we are just betting against each other. Therefore the markets are just live until there is a change. There will be odds reductions if someone leaves unexpectedly although it’s not quite as severe as with a bookmaker.

This Weeks Big Brother Betting:

One thing I noticed inside big brother this week is this…

While I cant stand Hazel, what happened this week throws up an interesting betting angle.

Currently, the public hates her! She was priced about 250.00 (249/1) the last time I checked. However, this week she is immune from eviction. The housemates inside the house don’t seem to share the public’s hatred, probably because they aren’t aware of what she’s like.

So for that reason, I’m going to back her with what I currently have outstanding on the market. If she survives this week without upsetting everyone and isn’t put up for eviction next week. Her odds will have fallen quite a lot.

Possibly, in two weeks’ time, her behaviour won’t be so fresh in everyone’s mind, creating immense value. A little bit of a long shot, but there’s some logic to this kind of thinking. In recent years there seems to have been similar events unfold in Big Brother. Betting odds are often structured around public opinion, but that doesn’t necessarily include the houses inside opinion

Either way, good luck if you’re betting on Big Brother!

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  1. Hi Caan.
    Working my way through your blog from the start and great to follow the journey.
    Given where you are now and what you know, would you still recommend Jack Birkhead’s Sports Trading Journey?
    It’s available again

  2. Hi Micheal,

    I think i wouldnt deter anyone from it although im no longer doing anything with Jack.

    In the future its likely i may release something i would consider of better value.


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