Long update for this week!!

You might want to grab a cuppa, as with fewer updates this week, I’m going to cover a lot at once! Okay, so as you […]

States and controlling them…

This week I’ve become rather fascinated by the real life ‘wold of wall street’ – Jordan Belfort. It  started when I see a clip of […]

Trading Tracks – Centre Yourself!

Do you ever notice certain things have a profound effect on your behaviour? For example; the weather just lately in the UK has changed somewhat […]

Perspective & Biases

In continuation from the previous post about logic and intuition, the topic of biases caught my attention. We all have them—some biases serve us well, […]

June Trading Results 2011- £1,440.21

Perky, Like Mrs June… It’s been a busy month and results have been okay, although it’s not what I’d hoped. I’ve fallen short of my […]