Inspiration – Mind Over Matter

“Incredible how things change when you change your point of view…today I had my best day ever, just having the right mentality, let things run, […]

No Fear – The emotional game…

This week I’ve had a couple of emails of the same kind… it left me thinking in the markets just today actually. Fear, mindset, mentality… […]

Traders Behaviour

It’s been a little quiet in these parts just lately as I’ve had some more time off for one reason or another. I’m glad in […]

Set yourself some goals….

Recently I’ve read a couple of books of interest, one of which has really had an impact on how I think about things! Not just […]

Motivation, What’s Yours?

A couple of posts ago I posted about Work, Work, Work – No Holidays, since then I’ve booked up another holiday in August… If you […]