Trading Tracks – Centre Yourself!

Do you ever notice certain things have a profound effect on your behaviour?

Here’s a polished version of your reflection on the seasonal changes and their impact:

Lately, the weather in the UK has taken a delightful turn, and the sun is shining brightly. Although the breeze still carries a bit of chill, it’s warm enough to comfortably wear a t-shirt outside. This shift seems to have lifted everyone’s spirits.

I’ve noticed more vibrant scenes around town: loud music blares from car stereos at traffic lights, and more people are out jogging. I love this time of year as we edge closer to summer. It’s a season embraced with enthusiasm by many, and it’s impossible to hide the general uplift in mood— it’s simply wonderful!

Feeling Changes…

So what else changes the way you feel?

I once mentioned a while back that certain songs seem to improve my performance when trading—particularly between races, not during. I’ve noticed that a particular track by Rudimental often helps me recover from a bad loss. Sounds a bit odd, right?

Recently, I’ve found another song (linked at the top of this post) that has a similar calming effect. This might vary from person to person, and admittedly, a song can only be played so many times before you start to tire of it. So, I thought it’d be great to share these thoughts and see if any of you have a go-to song that helps you stay calm. Please share your ‘trading tracks’ in the comments below! It would be interesting to see if we get a vibe from the same songs.

The sunny weather also seems to be boosting my mood, and with warmer days on the horizon, I’m looking forward to enjoying time in beer gardens with friends. Moreover, the start of Flat and evening racing seasons adds to the excitement. And let’s not forget—the Grand National at the end of this week! It’s shaping up to be a win, win, win week!

Could it get any better?

Well, yes. If you’ve been considering purchasing the Video Pack, I recommend waiting until the end of the week as there might be a short promotion. I’m planning to add more content to it this month, including some suggestions I received via email.

Do let us know your favourite ‘trading tracks’ in the comments below!

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  1. My entire 1972 playlist always does the trick, trading or otherwise:

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