Trading Tracks – Centre Yourself!

Do you ever notice certain things have a profound effect on your behaviour?

For example; the weather just lately in the UK has changed somewhat and the sun is out shining, the breeze isn’t particularly warm yet but it’s enough to walk around in a t-shirt. People in general just seem a bit more upbeat.

I’ve noticed more and more; loud music blasting from people’s car stereos at traffic lights, and people out running. I love this time of year. It’s coming towards summer and there’s no way of hiding it, others do too, its great!

Feeling Changes…

So what else changes the way you feel?

Something I think I may have mentioned a very long time ago was that when playing certain songs I tend to perform a bit better trading(I mean between races, not really while I’m trading).

I noticed a while back, a certain Rudimental track did just this… occasionally if I’ve suffered a bad loss I put it on and it seems to help. A big mad or what?

Just recently I’ve found another (shared at the top of this post) now it’s probably one of those things that varies a person to person and you can only play it so many times before you hate it so I thought it would be a good idea to post these thoughts up and if you have a song you find has this calming effect on yourself please share in comments box below!! Also, it would be pretty cool to see if anyone else gets these vibes from the same songs.

The weather itself seems to be making me feel a bit more upbeat and when it’s warm enough to start hitting the beer gardens with friends I’m sure it will improve some more! Not to mention another good reason to be happy this time of year is the Flat racing and evening racing that’s just about to start.

Ohh and if that wasn’t good enough, the Grand National is at the end of the week! it’s literally a win, win, win week!

Could it get much better?

Possibly, if you’ve been thinking about purchasing the Video Pack then I’d hold off until the end of the week as there may be a short promotion coming up! I’ll be adding more and more to it this month including a suggestion I received via email just the other day. Either way, let us know if you have some ‘trading tracks’ that help you out in the comments below!!

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  1. My entire 1972 playlist always does the trick, trading or otherwise:

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