Third day off for goodwood – Volume increase

Day three taken off from work to trade and it was probably my most hopeful. As a Friday is always the ramp up on good meetings for the finale, in terms of money bet. Today was no different to what I expected really, although over the whole week in general I expected more.

Today didn’t feel massively manipulated in the markets although I couldn’t help but notice in one race mid-afternoon (best result below on P/L) there was something a bit odd going on. The favourite was drifting with what would appear a lot of money pushing it. If it was manipulation money or not I wasn’t quite so sure. Either way, I was pretty confident it was the wrong price and due to come back in with a few minutes left to go!

I think it’s important to check there is a time for the price to correct itself in these sorts of situations, particularly in bit meetings where a lot is turned over, after the initial entry I felt strong and doubled up just before it went a nice move. In the past, I probably wouldn’t have hung on as long and done myself out of a good chunk of that £74 quid but still, I suppose this sort of thing only can come with confidence built through experience.

It’s comforting to know as many of the earlier readers will of realised, not giving up and perseverance is coming good now… obviously my approach to consistency has been really important in my success this year, I think if it continues like this in the winter for me coming up to march next year ill have some serious questions to ask about continuing with my job. That said it’s good for now and nice to have the support of a steady income.

I think I’ll definitely feel the pinch when the evening racing starts as trading will be less and less, a shame I don’t have the freedom of staying at home like some my age, that said, I don’t think anyone I know my age is doing this…

Today’s result:

3 thoughts on “Third day off for goodwood – Volume increase

  1. Hi Caan,

    Glad you are blogging again found this blog recently and read through all the posts in a oner! I see your STJ link on the page and it’s something I’ve been looking at for a while and wondered if you used Jacks course and how much it helped you. I’m currently going around in circles after a few months in the markets and think I need some direction if I’m going to kick on.

    All the best

  2. Hey,

    Anon – Im glad you enjoy the read, there are some snippets in past post’s that could be very helpful to people reading if you look into them a bit more…
    STJ – I have access to it yes and it helped me get going early last year although the results you see me turn now are more a product of experience and other things i have learnt, i think if your in the dark it could be helpful to you.

    Will – All my results are 100% from pre race trading, i have traded in running before although where i live now i cannot have sky so choose not to.

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