Evening all!! It’s my favorite day of the week today! – Premium TAX day… for those that pay it im sure your all too familiar with the feeling and a process something like this;

  • Log in
  • Check balance
  • Wtf?!
  • Account been hacked?
  • Immediately wound up, reach for the phone to call Betfair
  • Then suddenly it dawns on you as the operator picks up the phone, its Premium charge day

So that was pretty much what I did when I got in from work today. It’s easy to do when you’re not keeping an eye on which day it is. Anyway it left me feeling rather frustrated, as I usually withdraw the money I make each day immediately after trading. Purely to keep a minimum trading balance in the account before I lock it for the night.

So after a few races I was off to a half decent start but it only really dawned on me after an hour or so that maybe I was being a little ‘aggressive’ for want of a better word. It was mainly down to the fact I was viewing this evenings trading as a bit of ‘lost time’ just trying to make up for the Premium Charge I’d been hit with today….

Turned out pretty well and I just about filled the gap in my balance with a little to withdraw spare. But it did leave me wondering, what it’s like for others trading?? do you find on a Wednesday results can be a bit up and down due to staking a bit larger at times? Pure through frustration of the deduction? would be interested to know, it generally hasn’t bothered me much before but when the chunk get’s bigger it has started to play on my mind!

Bit of a short post but I’ve got my boy this weekend so probably won’t trade until Monday again now, next time I think ill post something up that could help some the newer chaps after a few emails I’ve had…. let us know if you do similar things on a Wednesday! Have a goodun!!


Left me with about 50 quid after their ‘PREMIUM Charge’ how I feel special :S

3 thoughts on “Aggression……….

  1. looking forward to the next post chuck. i’ve just been going back thought your blog and find it inspirational to see how you’ve progressed as a trader. it feels like im lightyears away from where you are as a trader and can only hope that one day i can make profits like your’s.

    all the best and keep up the good work mate.

  2. Chuck, I see that you got a pivot monitor.

    Can you record a demo if you are trading InRunning?
    I am willing to invest on these but not sure of if I should do so.

    Do you utilize any benefits out of it?



  3. Thanks for the compliments anon… it dosent take long to progress once you start to see things straight, keep at it!

    Lucky strike, i only trade pre race at the moment but when i move to where i can get sky again i would defo make use of it, it makes things more comfortable for sure… and if that leads to extra profits then great. wouldnt depend on it though good luck !

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