What Happened this Weekend? Are You Ready?

What happened

What a cracking weekend it’s been!

With high quality trading action on Saturday and some exciting developments around February’s event, there’s lots to share…

Here’s what’s been going down (and in the pipeline ahead).

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All Out to Help You Succeed:

Betfair Event Update

This weekend the markets traded well, Saturday was a welcome sight for this time of year. The general trend is for weekday racing to be poor leading up to Cheltenham so it’d be foolish to miss it out, but this isn’t a post about me and how awesome I am – that’s not my style!

Let’s get to the important stuff, the points that are really going to help YOU.

Behind the scene’s Mark, Steve and I have been working hard in preparation for next month. The presentations are almost fully prepared and, having seen them all I can tell you – we’re certainly all out on this, going deeper and sharing more than ever before.

There are going to be all kinds of structured points and tips shared. To name a few; lateral thinking, morning trading routines, simple steps for cricket traders and how to get and advantage when there’s change.

Our sponsors Betfair have also been extremely supportive, adding in extra goodies for attendee’s.

You may have seen some other events pop up this weekend, its not going to be anything like that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure you there was some glimmers of value amongst the stories but this is going to be so much more! …and it’s not going to be full of empty seats either.

We do have a few tickets left at the time of writing, with one or two reserved to give away. Apologies if you should find there’s none left when reading.

Event Tickets Here

Note: if you should win one of the give-away’s and you’ve already purchased, you’ll get a full refund.

Recent Activity:

Aside from next months event, there have been a few more improvements on the site here too – you can catch up in this recent post.

The most recent YouTube upload seems have been recieved well…

After the trading event, all attendee’s will get access to a video overview of all presentations from Mark, Steve and I. My personal presentation will be in a similar format, just with specifics about what I’m looking for and why (strategy specifics).

I’m genuinely excited about all of this as I can see it helping a lot of people.

There’s just one question: are you ready?

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Betfair Event Black

2 thoughts on “What Happened this Weekend? Are You Ready?

  1. Looking forward to meeting you and Steve! I see the other betting thing it looked like nobody went maybe cos it was in Ireland? Will there be a screen and examples on yours I could not hear some of the discussion on the other one something think of.

  2. excellent video caan you have a knack for teaching ,the amount of bad losses I’ve had through a negative knock on affect like you highlighted on your P&L makes me think with the right attitude i could of cracked this by now so i’m going to focus on my psychology and limiting beliefs and give it another go.

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