[UPDATE] Solving Your Mentality Problems…

Mind Update

How many trading mistakes are a result of poor mentality/mindset/discipline? Do you even know?

I think it’s fair to say – it’s way more than the majority realise. Like, way way more…

Recently we’ve gone all out on the solution, explained below:

What’s Been Updated?

Previous Update

Module #2: Trading Mentality

It’s been a while since the last big video pack course upgrade (1 Module including 10 Videos, details here).

Now, we’ve just done it again.

Earlier this month the mentality module was re-made. New uploads include more detail with further explanation, totalling 1 hour and 7 mins worth of solid content, no fluff or waffle. None.

Broken down into 5 sections I talk through all the problems, discoveries and solutions that I have faced myself – and what I’ve done to overcome such issues.

If you’re already a video pack user, the update was active earlier last month.

User Feedback So Far…

The forum is also a new feature of course users, but at 1,500+ posts already it’s taken off pretty quick. They’re a lively bunch that were quick to respond after the update.

Here’s the first few posts about the recent update from the trading community forum…

PN update CJ update

There wasn’t ever any doubt in my mind, knowing how much these techniques have helped me. Hearing that they’re find it of value is too is a massive bonus.

5 New Uploads:

So what’s been enhanced?

For a start, the initial content is broken down a lot further. More explanation is offered around specific points about why trading mentality is such a core component to manual traders.

Furthermore – the actions advised to remedy problem behaviour are shared, with examples. It’s breathtaking when you sit back and realise that; there are many things you can do to prevent mindset problems taking hold, before they even happen.

New Mentality Modules

Briefly, the 5 sections…

Mentality Preview: As the name suggests, the shortest of all. A brief introduction to some of the following things we’re about to cover.

Problems Faced: Common but deeply routed problems that all of us face, because we’re human beings! I had a bit of a breakthrough when learning about these myself, credit to Carl Jung (a famous psychologist) for helping this understanding.

External Factors: The heavy stuff begins here. We whittle out a list of variables that you can control and change to improve your trading – without clicking a mouse (including some direct pointers). Many have messaged to say it was a mini ‘aha’ moment for them.

Internal Behaviour: More actionable points to correct and prevent your own behaviours – those moment’s where you do some silly like going in-play. Focusing on getting your own views on the market and behaviour right is one of the longest lasting solutions.

Market Psychology: Finally, an alternative look at how the market behaves, feels and responds. Showing you what to avoid in the market, and exploit market emotion for benefits. Another powerful one for sure.


Continual Improvements…

As always we’re committed to further improvements (at no extra cost). Adding the community element was suggested by existing customers at the beginning of last year. If you have a suggestion that you think would really improve the course for users, we’re listening.

This year is likely to be an extremely busy one so there’s no saying when, or if certain upgrades will happen – but there’s sure to be a few at the very least!

Keep it green!

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  1. What a great video ,I needed something like this to give me a kick up the the arse for all the stupid things I have been doing ,best video yet Caan

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