Traders Behaviour

It’s been a little quiet in these parts just lately as I’ve had some more time off for one reason or another. I’m glad in a way looking at some of the markets, this time of year is my least favourable couple of months. I tend to dislike September/October more than January/February where as I know for other full-timers it’s often the other way around.

Yesterday I was directed to a BBC show called ‘Traders: Millions by the Minute’ by a follower on the Facebook page. This morning I sat and watched the two episodes and throughout I could relate to a lot of the things that were being said even though it was very different markets traded. It’s the single most thing I find these sort of programs/books etc always focus on or at least the individuals featuring in them talk about: Mindset. I often hear from others that are largely successful to only find when they up the stakes it all goes wrong! or some that are successful in training mode or paper trading but once it comes to the real thing they fall to pieces.

It left me wondering how I’d fare myself if I had got into trading something else where it was possible to make and lose far more significant sums of money…

Anyway here are a couple of links to watch the episodes even if your outside the UK as I know a few abroad couldn’t initially (found by Miguel on the FB page)

Episode 1

Episode 2

2 thoughts on “Traders Behaviour

  1. Hi Caan
    Two great videos and I can relate to both as a trader on Betfair.I am 65 years old and have been a mug punter,bookmakers clerk,owner and breeder in Australia and have lost consistently ever year.
    In june 2011 I started with$100.00 laying IN PLAY(using all the thing I new that went wrong on the punt)
    I now have won over $30000.00 up to day 2014 laying on Betfair 4 days a week.I enjoy all your Videos as they all make sense to me plus I watch as many other trading Videos that I can,so keep up the good work and as you are still very young I wish you all the success in the future.

  2. Hi Ian

    I live in Australia too and have been frustrated with mainly losing on betfair.
    Have you considered selling your system to Australians and how do you handle to time difference?
    I have looked at trading but I would like to be able to train on free mode and I have found that Betfair
    only allow you to use practice mode for a small period of time. I would not feel confident to go in with real money till I knew exactly what I was doing and I believe it would take some time to learn. Also how do you feel about the premium charge that BF charges winners. How do you handle that 40 – 60%
    Look forward hearing from both of you.

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