3 Months Geeks Toy for Betfair FREE!

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The blog’s been a bit quite of late due to a mixture of extra time off and focusing my energy on updating the Video Pack, the good news being the update is on target for the 4th of Oct!

In the mean time The Geek has kindly agreed to another 3 month Geeks Toy trading software giveaway with every trading guide purchased!

With the summer racing come to an end and that horrible lull in the markets currently it’s probably the best time to focus on learning a bit about the markets before the amount of turnover and opportunity resumes next month.


This last week I’ve traded a few days myself and while results have been fair there have been some days where my interest has wandered, particularly with some of the 15 min gaps between races.

It’s good to have this time to recharge though as approaching Christmas things will heat up pretty quickly with some very busy Saturday afternoon racing where it’s quit the opposite with races going off every 5 minutes.

Personally I prefer the races going off every 5 minutes (without any delays hopefully) as it stops me from over-trading. Trading too early in the markets is definitely my biggest bad habit but like I say, when there’s a 15 min gap to the next race it’s hard to wait to the right trading window for the entire days work anyway. Definitely something I’m aware I do that isn’t all that productive and needs work on… Here’s the last 7 days, looking forward to some of the big Chasing names appearing on the race-cards in the coming weeks.

I’ll do my best to get some more updates done next week and once the Videos Pack’s updated!

Until then… happy trading!

4 thoughts on “3 Months Geeks Toy for Betfair FREE!

  1. Caan, I’ve really been inspired by your videos on youtube and have been doing a fair bit of trading in training mode on the Geek Toy, and with some success!! Just bought your training guide (with the 3 months free geek toy!!) and am looking forward to getting properly stuck in as a trader on betfair. Wish me luck…



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