What Is a Reverse Forecast in Betting? How Does It Work?

reverse forecast bet

Reverse forecast betting is often confusing for sports betting beginners, so here’s a brief article explaining everything you need to know…

It’s an extremely simple way of betting on multiple outcomes to increase the potential returns without breaking the bank.

What is a Reverse Forecast Bet?

A reverse forecast bet is a type of sports bet where the bettor selects two participants (typically racing or greyhounds) to finish first and second but in no specific order.

There are two lines to the bet that account for either outcome happening. Think of it as hedging your bets a bit: instead of predicting the exact 1-2 finish, you’re predenting the top two, regardless of their finishing order.

How a Reverse Forecast Bet Works…

In essence, a reverse forecast is like placing two straight forecast bets.

In a straight forecast, you’re betting on Participant A to come first and Participant B to come second. However, with a reverse forecast, you’re betting on both possible 1-2 outcomes: A then B, and B then A. Because you’re covering both potential outcomes, a reverse forecast bet requires double the stake of a straight forecast.

If you place a £20 reverse forecast, you’re essentially placing two £10 bets on each possible combination – thus the total stake is £20.

Reverse Forecast Illustration:

Imagine you’re at the racetrack, and you’re convinced that Horse A and Horse B are the strongest competitors and will secure the top two spots. Instead of guessing the exact order they’ll finish in, you place a reverse forecast bet. If Horse A finishes first and Horse B finishes second, you win. But, importantly, if Horse B comes in first and Horse A second, you still win!

This is just one reason you might use a reverse forecast bet.

To sum up, the reverse forecast bet is an ideal choice for those who have narrowed down the top two contenders but are uncertain about the exact order of their finish. It allows a margin of flexibility in your predictions, enhancing the odds of walking away with a win. As always, knowledge is power, and understanding your bet is the first step to a rewarding betting experience.

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