Why Betting Tipsters Never Lose (Truth Exposed)

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Have you ever followed a betting tipster? You probably haven’t made money.

In the below YouTube video, I’m going to give you the one tip that will never lose, and how betting tipsters actually make their money!

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  • 2:20 How betting tipsters make money
  • 5:32 How much betting tipsters make
  • 6:30 Why tipsters aren’t on your side
  • 7:40 How social media betting tipsters make money
  • 8:18 How much affiliate betting sites are worth

How Betting Tipsters Make Money

Most of you will be aware of the likes of the Racing Post, Oddschecker and Hugh Taylor on At The Races. Thousands of people use these sites every day, but why? What is their goal?

It’s simple – they want to make money.

They will always have a hard sell on how much they have made when tipping winners recently but you’ll always notice the record is never long-term. That’s because they are long-term losers. They will have endless reasons as to why they are the best, but after they have given their reasoning as to why you should back a certain horse or sporting event – they give you a link to click.

This is where they make their money. It’s an affiliate link to a bookmaker that will then pay the Racing Post, Oddschecker or At The Races. The way most affiliate systems work is that the more you lose with the bookmaker, the more they pay the affiliate. This makes tipping winners a disadvantage for the affiliate – next time think about why the Racing Post are driving you towards a certain horse with a certain bookmaker.

Do they really fancy it or is that bookmaker paying the biggest commission?

How Much Betting Tipsters Make

Betting Tipsters usually make around 30% of your losses, plus they can sometimes get a sign-up bonus too for every customer they sign up. This is why they want you to come back on a daily basis and keep betting. The Racing Post and At The Races know that their tipsters don’t make money long-term and that the advised prices don’t last long.

For example, a tipster might be profitable at advised prices but very, very few people are actually getting those prices. And it’s not always the same people getting the advised price all the time too. The end result is that the paper or website has a headline that their tipsters are the best, but in actual fact, everyone following them is losing. It’s in their interest to keep people betting and losing long-term, getting 30% commission.

At the end of the day, money drives everything. Look at early 2020 when Racing stopped in the UK because of the Coronavirus, the Racing Post shut down their paper service and went dark. Why? Because it wasn’t making money. These sites aren’t charities, they have to pay the bills. Next time you log into the Racing Post – fully take in what their are pushing towards you. What bookmaker are they highlighting and why.

How Social Media Tipsters Operate

So far I’ve picked on the likes of the Racing Post, Oddschecker and At The Races. However, the worst offenders are social media tipsters. Social media is like the wild west and there’s no rules with betting tipsters. Have you ever seen these challenge accounts where they try to turn £10 into £1,000 and aim to keep rolling up winners?

It is madness. Of course, you’re going to lose if you need to back ten or more winners in a row. And you know what? The tipster knows this too. They have the same deal at the big sites – 30% commission. They want and know, that you will lose long-term when doing these challenges. Some sites even push big Acca’s every week – it blows my mind how they get away with it.

Hopefully, in the future, more light is shined on these social media tipsters and the dirty tricks they have been conning the public with for too long!

4 thoughts on “Why Betting Tipsters Never Lose (Truth Exposed)

  1. Hi Caan,i have to disagree with you on this one i follow a few tipsters on internet and they are profitable and they advertise where best price is on offer but no direct link to bookies.normally betting at bsp will beat prices anyway.

  2. All tipsters on Sportinglife,Attheraces,Racing TV,Racing Post, ITV Racing and Sky Sports are Bookies Brasses plain and simple and most of their salary is indirectly paid for by the Bookies.

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