Wimbledon 2014 – Opening day!

Being the first day of Wimbledon and a Monday (my least favorable day for the racing) I thought I’d turn my hand to the tennis markets.

Just this last week or so I’ve been looking at the tennis markets more and more with interest, its extremely different to the horse racing although can bring in just as much cash possibly for less trading time even. At this stage im still dipping my toes in really although I seem to be keeping things consistent which is a plus!

Discipline seems to be extremely important for the tennis as it’s all to easy to get caught up in the games point for point – doing that seems to be exactly what you don’t want to do… being greedy later in a game also seems to be the quickest way to burn some profit. So at this stage im trying to keep it select. It’s just the same principles as the horse racing with my suspicion being the problem for most is getting caught up when you shouldn’t just because you didn’t want to ‘miss out’ on a potential profit. I did exactly that today in the Konta match on more than one occasion – for the future I think it’s a player I’ll avoid as she seemed super un-reliable.

I’d like to lay claim to knowing all about the tennis but other than watching it over the last week and the odd match last year I’ve never really watched it, in fact last year I had to look up how all the games were scored!

Most of my insight into the players strengths/weaknesses have come from Tennis Insight and more importantly TradeSharks Tips page. The TradeShark’s been around a long time doing this so really knows his stuff, im sure as Wimbledon progresses its going to be a real aid in my tennis trading arsenal!

I think on the whole today wasn’t the best day for trading the tennis as it was the first round not many of the matches were all that competitive and the prices obviously reflected that but that’s all part of trading not being able to expect the same results every day.

My favourite strategy to enter the markets particularly on the WTA matches is to lay the first set winner at the lowest possible price (especially if it’s the outsider). It’s crazy how many times in a match momentum shifts despite being matched at such a low price so early on!

As I type this some matches are still being played. Check out this graph from Coco Vandeweghe – I’ve highlighted the set price!

In fact this was one of the tips for today as an outsider to back at 2.34 or higher. I completely missed the start with it being scheduled to start a lot later – a shame as it was another good call. Hopefully I can gain enough confidence with the tennis over the next week or so and start to increase the stakes!!

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    1. Sure Asher i have a couple more ‘small’ angles in but they are what i have learn’t through the tradesharks guide so can’t share publically unfortunately.

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