Work, Work, Work – No Holidays!

So you may remember I made a point of saying I won’t be having any more holidays this year after my second of 2014 in March. I’d planned to save everything I can to buy my first house before the end of the year! Although I may have to go back on that one…..

It doesn’t look like I’ll have to cut back on the house which is good as I’m well on target to get it still and have another holiday! I’m not sure what the longer term plan is after just yet – hopefully a second property but it isn’t something I’ve planned for properly just yet.

Its my first sons birthday is in the next couple of months and he’s absolutely mad about planes, as most young boys are!

When asking him what he wanted for his birthday recently he said he wanted to go on a plane – now if there’s an exception to the holiday rule then I think that just might be one! I’m not so sure yet where we may go, although he also specified it had to have a beach as soon as I mentioned a holiday (4 yr olds can be demanding these days) We’ll probably go somewhere in the Balearic Islands for convenience – open to suggestions if anyone has any ideal for young children…

All this made me realise how much of a transformation my life’s had over the last 4 years or so, I had been dabbling with Betfair for a good few months before I started to look at it more seriously but it was on the 19th of May 2010 I decided it was going to get some more serious attention according to a pre-blog forum thread!

I remember it well as my son had not yet been born and I spent most nights reading what little there was online via the forums and other blogs about Betfair trading. His mum often went to bed really early as all pregnant women do leaving me with a lot of spare time, so I guess I owe some of the success to the fact she was pregnant too!

I just looked up the link for a challenge I started on the Geeks Toy Forum – the very first day I made a whopping £2.98! Although I dreamed of doing this full-time back then I probably didn’t realise I would have been here writing this now. If you look through the thread you’ll see I made all the common mistakes everyone emails me about now, several times over! Although I was a little over excitable early on from the thread I don’t think it was a bad thing, it kept me going when I made the mistakes!

The toughest part by far on the way from then until now was most definitely not giving up, particularly when others around me suggested I was mad. Ignore them, always follow your dreams!

However without wanting to sound cliché it has been by far the most valuable lesson I’ve learnt on the way, after all look where it’s got me! I’ll have to remember this next week when the Premium Charge is deducted… maybe I’ll book the holiday on Wednesday just to remind myself!! I heard someone make this comment earlier in the week and had never heard it before it seems quite fitting to share it! Keep motivated!!

Do you want the good news or the bad news?

The bad new is time flies! The good news is your the Pilot!

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