YouTube Kicked Off Again! [Video Post]

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Ok, so I’ve been a little lazy of late… amongst organising other things.

But I’ve been meaning to kick the YouTube Q&A off again for a while. It only take a few minutes each morning so there isn’t any reason not to do it.

Several have asked, so I’ve got a few to catch up on already but, if you have a question feel free to drop it in the comments below.


For those that are unaware, there’s already a Question and Answers Playlist here.

Most of the regular questions are already answered there, and in fuller depth. It’s just that bit easier via video.

I’ve just added a new clip this morning. Slightly different style to some of the older ones…

Here’s a question for you guys – is this sort of clip more useful?

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Here’s the first clip I just kicked the channel off with again:

4 thoughts on “YouTube Kicked Off Again! [Video Post]

  1. Always good, Caan.
    The Betfair graph seems to update after a few seconds delay, that’s why I use the Market Overview.
    Any chance of another vid. on the M.O. please?
    Best regards

    1. Hey WallyGog….

      You can change the refresh rate in the toy if you right click the graph. The Market Overview is more useful for shorter-term interest and relationships between pricing sure.

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