Beers? Traders Meet-Up in 2020?

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With 2020 underway I’ve made a conscious attempt to pencil in a few things I want to do this year…

Last year’s Pro Traders Event was a roaring success, although there’s no plans to do another like that right now. Betfair did ask for several more, but between us, there weren’t suitable times.

However, with so much positive feedback and a cracking day, I was thinking about this year. This is just a quick post to gauge some interest (and gather suggestions if you have any).

Beers? Traders Meet-Up in 2020

After the recent Christmas meet-up with Mark Iverson and a few other Cricket pro’s it left me thinking…

Would readers be interested in a less formal meet-up?

My initial thoughts would be a neutral place and time to meet, in a location that’s accessible to all. Book out a low-cost bar for a while and spend a few hours in like-minded company.

If the timing was right, I think it’s likely Mark, Steve and even Psychoff would all come (I’d need to confirm).

There wouldn’t be a ticket price a-such but a small contribution to collectively cover the booking fee. Probably the price of a pint or two…

Meet Up Beer

If you’d want to come, make sure you’re on the mailing list here. Also, feel free to add any suggestions below…

Very open to other ideas, although its best to keep them moderate on the organisational/cost front.


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13 thoughts on “Beers? Traders Meet-Up in 2020?

  1. Brilliant idea. I’ve just started to look into trading after chats with an ex colleague (Ive since moved to another job) who was a big gambler / trader. He has always said that mentality was key, maybe why im tentatively approaching things. Would be fantastic to gain an understanding about various tools/mindset used by yourself and others…

  2. Caan I think that’s a brilliant idea, I’ve been struggling of late a lot, been doing this for a year and the extra insight would be invaluable. Would you ever consider doing a 1 on 1 for a day for like a set cost, I think that’d be awesome too

  3. Also on a side note if you have archives of you trading, from a whole day trading that’s be cool to see at an event (or generally)

  4. Sorry for the very slow reaction to this post but it is January and hibernation time for me! haha! – Absolutely Brilliant Idea, please keep me in the loop!

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