Tennis…. & Podcast interview!

Busy week this week! Appologies for the lack of blog posts!   So this week I’ve managed to fill my time with plenty of trading […]

Poor show from Cue Card…

                  So today Cue Card made an appearance for Colin Tizzard in the 2.50 at Exeter, im […]


  Finally it’s here! Race times are starting to come forward starting earlier along with some earlier finishes. This time of year as I’ve said […]

Day 24…

Okay, so… This weekend was a bit of a blur, as usual! I took the last day of the month off, but it was well […]

Eureka Or Just Luck?: Market Overview

[Feb 13, 2011] Market Overview Chart I had a rather well-timed turn of fate today at Navan (was much-needed). This is my market overview screen-shot […]

Behaviour: Do or Die, No Excuses…

How much impact does your behaviour have? Note: This old post (January 2011) is one I get emailed about the most. I’ve recently updated it […]