Cheltenham – Day 1

Hugely frustrating first day at Cheltenham


So that’s day one of the festival out-of-the-way… turned out to be a pretty angry/frustrated one for me on the whole. Although was pretty impressive that Mullins and Walsh managed so many winners, it certainly had a knock on effect in the market. In the 3.20 near post time there was money dropped into the market rather chaotically late on, bookies with big liabilities no doubt.

I wasn’t the only one having issues as reported by many others on twitter and various forums. Although the API didn’t crash it was more than enough for me to drop all confidence in trading Betfair and switch to Betdaq mid afternoon – doing that cost me some precious time and meant I barely traded one of the feature races (mainly as I had to start transferring money between various bank accounts and deposit on the lead up to the race).

Between Exchanges…

All in all between the two exchanges was okay as I still made just over a few hundred quid, although in comparison to what it could have been seems pretty pathetic. And on one of them comes the added bonus of no premium commission rates to pay. The whole thing made me absolutely furious though as you may have seen on twitter as these issues have been ongoing since the API changeover in November and were quite predictable. It’s certainly not been a like-for-like swap. The route of the problem turned out to be because “The old system had two second time-out’s on every call. Not so with the new improved API.” For this reason it effected Geeks Toy more than other software’s out there… However I don’t think it’s that fair to point the finger at the software vendors as they did not force the API changeover and are customers to Betfair too!!

All that aside the first day of the festival was full of thrills and spills and the usual volumes of money swamping the markets. Hopefully for the rest of the week there is no problems. I’ll be more prepared if they do and be operating more on Betdaq than I had planned for that very reason.

For now… probably best to go for beer and start over tomorrow.

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  1. Hi caan , I’ve been heavily troubles and lag issues with geeks toy for sx while now since the switch in November , contemplating using another software it’s so frustrating

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