Cheltenham – Final Day – Carry on Trading…



Well…. I never thought I’d say this. But im glad that’s out the way!

This week I went into the Cheltenham markets with bags of confidence and expectations. By Wednesday my nerves were shot to pieces with lockups and missing calls. Thursday wasn’t much better, I made a few stupid mistakes and got spanked with a large trade open when a £18k match came into the market late on swiping out 4 or 5 prices with it – when that happens last-minute at Cheltenham there’s not a lot you can do about it.

My general attitude took a bit of a hit but I managed to scramble back to a reasonable end.

Gold Cup Day

As for today (Gold Cup Day) well… I just had to laugh it off really. By the time the Gold Cup had started I’d had enough. Three major lockups (with Gruss as well as GeeksToy) just left me thinking it wasn’t worth the risk, especially with the site not working either at one point. It seems to just go around in circles, people report problems, the helpdesk apologies and then its back to the start again… hence the title with all the carry on.

I just sat back and watched the feature before logging off early for the day. Probably the best thing to do when you’re feeling like that as it’s not worth making unnecessary mistakes. All in all this week’s been a bit of a flump, results between the two exchanges are no better than an average week. I know im not the only one that’s been pretty fed up judging by social media feeds so hopefully Betfair will actually have these problems resolved soon.

All is not lost though, this week I have learnt a hell of a lot about liquidity and the Cheltenham markets but I’ll save that for another post.

Anyway on-wards and upwards! The National isn’t far off along with the Flat season.

5 thoughts on “Cheltenham – Final Day – Carry on Trading…

  1. Hi me too caan

    All last weeks profits wiped out with the lockout during the Bartlett hurdle I don’t mins losing but when it’s down to technical difficulties beyond there control it’s difficult to take

    Gotta look into betdag from now on I feel

  2. well i hope you will finally give up doing promotional videos for betunfun?

    to me it is Hypercritical to promote them, encouraging others to use them etc and then dig em out cause their site/infrastrucre is not up to the job 100% of the time.

    i would hope that we will never see you doing a betffair promotional thing again until betfair have proven their infrastructure robust enough to perform for at least 731 days without any problems.

    we all know its risky trading on betfair with their inadequate infrasture on saturdatys and during large events.

    its anoying when you, and others be they peter webb or steve howe, moan about them and their dodgy infrastructure yet still take part in betfairs offical promotions.

    either be with the traders you claim to wish to help , encourage, empathise with etc, or carry on promoting and endorsing betfair and their shoddy infratructure.

    dont be a hypercite and try to be on both sides.

    1. Each to their own opinion. I don’t see it like that, the promo videos were done in August when the API worked.

      I don’t see it as ‘sides’ either. I’m a customer of Betfair the same as everyone else, voicing an opinion is far more likely to get it resolved. I’d say its worse to sit quiet and claim its fine when its not just in order to sell more products.

  3. If we all moved to Betdaq to ensure liquidity, then Betfair and their horrendous “taxes” and dreadful customer service would be consigned to the history books. BF are an awful company and they certainly do not need a respected trader like yourself appearing to promote them. Good on you for highlighting the issues and a shame that this chap feels that you are a “hypercrite” (sic). Maybe you should contact Betdaq and promote them and not Betfair, as it may encourage others over to the purple.

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