Cheltenham… round up!

Looking back on last years results I have improved considerably, which is a positive note given I excelled shortly after this time of year last year and it could be even better for me this time around hopefully! As I’ve said before the consistency is in me… the biggest key of all I think to making it at this game, particularly at a higher level.

Thursday was a bit up and down again much like Wednesday although probably not quite as bad, I think the biggest problem was trying to force too much money through the grinder to be honest.. if you have the whole of your bank on one price and you get half through but then the other half fires the other way for two ticks it defeats the object, much like one race on Wednesday where I was trading with £400 stakes quite successfully then just before the off was caught for a couple of ticks wrong to the tune of 4k almost… that in mind I proceeded with caution a little more today and just had the attitude of well I got a full-time job and theirs no need to force things etc, largely it worked out well.

So you’ll see I only did 9 races, I could have done a lot more although something else that caught me a bit on Wednesday was the races in between where I was playing too big for my boots, this way around I thought id make it nice and relaxing for myself… well as I could!
So, Cheltenham kicked off preceding and I treated it little like a warm up, got up to about 30 quid but had a little blip…. one that im bad for and need to find a way around! At the moment I have BF video for my feed unless it’s on Channel 4 and then I have my TV on my desk, problem is I don’t like hearing the TV until its going to be of use to me.. the last few minutes typically so I have it on mute, time and time again I find myself in a position when I want the volume on! literally in the 2 seconds it takes to let go of the mouse and press mute I get stung, sod’s law I think they call it! the same has happened with activating the BF video before now, anyway it happened twice today but £7 still shouldn’t be grumbled at!
Race 2 was pretty smooth for me by all accounts I didn’t do any thing drastic nor did I take any risks, £38, happy days.
Race 3 the 2.40, things really started to warm up in this and I could feel it in the market, fill rate seemed to be pretty good in that and I thought id change tack and try a slightly larger priced runner which worked out ok, didn’t really need huge stakes although it was nice to have the liability to play with on the lay side (can never get enough at Cheltenham in my opinion).
Race 4, the big dipper! Gotta say I was in my stride by the time this one come around and think I handled it pretty well, especially considering the first move I tried to take on Long Run turned on me pretty hard and left me staring at a £40 Red, the amount of money that come for Kauto Star was absolutely colossal and I have never seen anything like it, which took a little confidence to go with it seeing I didn’t know it was possible, anyhow £120 on the star left me about £80 up before commission, chuffed with that and had to give myself a little pat on the back as its first time I have gone over £100 pre race alone on one race.*pat on the back*
From their I just started to wind down to be honest, was still decent fill rate on the 1600 although I was on a little bit of a high still from the previous race so didn’t want to do anything silly as being excited can be just as dangerous as being fearful.
All in all not a bad result and started to get my deposit rolling a little… next stop when the flat gets going around about may I believe.
Hope everyone else had a good Cheltenham too!

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  1. Cheers mets, nice to have the extra cash to play with isn’t it, unfortunately im back down to a smaller bank as i couldnt bare paying interest on it to barclays lol. Efficiency is more important than anything for me even if im making couple quid a race.

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